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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Babies on my Brain!

 I feel like everywhere I look I am seeing babies. It's crazy! It's like when I knew Danny had my engagement ring {he had it for 7 months before he gave it to about TORTURE!} and everywhere I looked I saw people's wedding rings/engagement rings because it was all I could think about! Now don't get me wrong, babies are nothing like engagement rings, but the point is that they are on my mind all the time! 

What's even sweeter is that I've noticed Danny has been thinking about babies a lot too, maybe almost as much as I am! We would be watching a movie and he sees a cute little guy or girl and it melts his heart. We just met the neighbor's 5-year-old son who talks non-stop and we actually thought that was adorable.  It never used to be that way. In fact, before we got married we didn't want kids for a long time because we only saw them as runny noses and dirty diapers that run around and tear the house apart.  But now we just can't wait until I graduate so we can start trying to have little munchkins of our own! Once we got married our hearts completely changed and we see kids as such a blessing and a treasure :) I'll leave you with some sweet baby pics to lighten your heart today and just for fun I added my and Danny's baby pictures at the end!

I know, I know we were the cutest, haha!

Happy Thursday!

love always,


moderndaywife said...

Awww me too girl just wait it'll get worse hahaha :-)

moderndaywife said...

I meant the baby fever LOL :-) I can't wait to have one once I graduate!!! xoxo love the new look of your blog!

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

Those are some sweet baby pictures! J and I probably won't have kids for a few years but they are very fun to look at/think about :)

Suzanne said...

OMgosh, you two are adorable! I remember the whole wanting babies feeling-a wonderful time!

Thanks for visiting me! :)

P! said...

Oh my goodness- I know EXACTLY what you mean. I did a post very similar to this the other day! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following- I love new blog friends! Can't wait to read more from you. :) Great post!!

Teenage Bride said...

awww I know what you mean, I was not really sure when I would be ready for a baby and now my husband and I are so excited to be welcoming our first this summer!!!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

hahaha, you are the cutest and 7 months of waiting when you already knew is torture. Ahhh.

Fork said...

I totally know what you mean! I can't get babies off my brain either! :)