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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom just celebrated her 48th Birthday and it was one of the first big get-togethers that Danny and I had at our new house :) Being that it was our first big bash, we got caught up in the excitement and forgot about actually preparing anything, yikes!  We ended up doing housework that should be done in the course of 1-2 weeks on the day of the celebration because we forgot all about it.

So there we were at 11:30am with Danny mowing the lawn, trimming the trees, and blowing leaves off the yard while I was cleaning both bathrooms, vaccuuming, mopping and cooking. We were crazy for putting ourselves under that much pressure and didn't think we would really finish by 3pm. Then at about 1:30 the unthinkable happened.....

Danny goes to turn on the hose and the pipe breaks and it looks like we have a geyser coming out of the side of our house! But it gets worse. Apparently that pipe is connected to the main water line so Danny has to turn off the water for the ENTIRE house(remember, I'm cooking and cleaning so my hands are a mess!) and he runs to Home Depot to get the parts to fix it.  So there I am alone, in a dirty house, surrounded by a long list of chores and unable to do anything except sit there and watch as time flies by. I'm truly thankful that my husband was a quick-thinker and got everything back up and running in record time (as well as picked up the B-day cake on his way home that I kind of forgot about) and we were able to get dressed just before the doorbell rang with the first guest :)  Here are some pics from that memorable day:

My mom with all her gifts

Me lighting the candles

Mom's friends chillin in our gazebo :)

Danny coming out with the cake

My mom helping out in the kitchen

Some of the tons of food we had!



Danny with his mommy-in-law

Bringing out a fan for all of my mom's friends lol
Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love you!

1 comment:

moderndaywife said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Being a homeowner is fun you will see lol! Good luck & your home looks lovely :-)