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Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Friiiiiiday!!!

Hi Friends!
So I don't know about you all, but I worked so hard for this Friday! With school, work, marriage, and a house that's never clean enough, I am so unbelievably grateful for this weekend!

Even if all I do is sit on the couch and put my feet up, I will be glad. 

But don't get me wrong my bags are already packed for the beach (they always are!) and I am hoping for 2 fun-filled days soaking up the sun with the love of my life.

Since today is Friday I just wanted to announce the  happy, wonderful, exciting  news that the video which has bombarded my Facebook "home" page for wayyyy too long is being removed from YouTube today!
Here is a final reminder of Rebecca Black's song, "Friday". Go ahead and laugh, it's the last time you'll see it for a while! :)
P.S. - this is not nearly as bad as the original but it's the closest I can get since the other has already been removed.

After listening to it for the millionth time right now, I have to admit it's kind of catchy! Oh well.....

"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today is Friday, Friday. We-we-we so excited. We so excited. We going to have a ball today"

          Happy Friday!                

 love always,


moderndaywife said...

Have a fun weekend girl, I will be finishing up work for the last week of the semester woo hoo!!

P! said...

WHAT?! Why are they taking it down?! I am THRILLED, don't get me wrong, but do you know WHY??? Yay! Haha- have a nice weekend!!