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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enjoying the Simple Things in Life

Happy Thursday everyone!

My goodness, change is a hard thing for humans to deal with, regardless of how good the outcome might be.  There is just something about getting out of  our daily routine that shakes us up inside and, at least for me, causes some serious stress! This week has been filled with all sorts of changes that I know are good but just wish they would come one at a time instead of hitting me all at once. I just turned 23 (woo hoo!), changed my job position so am learning-as-I-go on my new job while training someone on my old one, and I am realizing that school starts again for my final, and hardest, semester in only 2 weeks!

I know you are probably wondering why I would title my post "enjoying the simple things" when I just spent a paragraph ranting about all the changes in my life. Well it's because after recognizing all the not-so-simple things, it's that much more gratifying thinking about the aspects of life that are joyful regardless of what changes may come.
Here are the simple things that I am appreciating more than ever:
The Simple Things

♥ having a job that I LOVE ♥
♥ having soooooo much to live for! ♥
♥ getting a 3-day weekend every week ♥
♥ being surrounded by loving friends and family ♥
♥ being less than 4 months away from my Bachelors degree ♥
♥ the moments of quality time with the hubby that mean so much ♥
♥ though my life may be filled with changes, at least I'm not bored ;)♥

Though changes may seem like curses while you are getting through them, they are often blessings in the end :) I hope you all take time to enjoy the simple things in your lives today!
love always,


moderndaywife said...

Changes are def hard but a GOOD thing girl, good luck with it all and you get a 3 day weekend every wek? So not fair ;-) Pink is soo your color, you look great! I hope i get to see you in fall, I'm taking Health Comm Tues nights at 6:20 :-)

P! said...

Congrats on ALMOST being done!! How exciting!! And I'm happy you like your job so much- that is a huge blessing all on its own! Good luck with coping with all the change! :)