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Friday, September 23, 2011

FALL IS HERE! *throws leaves in the air*

What a great Friday it is! My favorite season of the year is officially HERE today and I cannot be happier! The only 2 things I need now are 1) for the weather to cool down so that it actually feels like fall and 2) for there to be pretty leaves around me to throw in the air! But living in Florida I'm not guaranteed for any of that to take place this year so I just have to make do with dreaming about it for now.  So to keep my dream alive, I will share all that I hope to experience as this fall season unravels :)

1. My all-time favorite thing about autumn are the cute outfits that are also very comfy and cozy! And to be honest, I can't wait to put on my Uggs boots again! They might make my feet look like two giant furballs but it's so worth it because it feels like my toes are surrounded by clouds. I know I'm corny, but you know it's the truth! :) But since I can't get away with keeping the Uggs and sweatsuits on everyday, here are some fabulous alternative outfits that I discovered on one of my fav. online hangout spots Pinterest!

2. I love getting together with friends and family and I'm extra excited this year because I have my own house to decorate with cute little pumpkins, yummy smelling candles and other autumn-inspired decor. Here are some things(also from Pinterest) that have got my imagination and creativity running wild and I can't wait to create my own versions!

Perfect for the Reyes house!

these would look great on my dining table!

Apple cinnamon is my fav. fall scent

If only I had a fireplace...

3. I also love going on hayrides once the weather gets even cooler.
4. Drinking hot chocolate or pumpkin spice lattes!
5. Going running without being sweaty before I even start to run! haha, the joys of living in FL!

There are just sooo many things I love about this season (not to mention that I also will be graduating very soon!) and I can't even begin to list them all!
What are some things you are planning, or would like, to do this Fall??


P! said...

I love everything about this post- Autumn is the best! What's your Pinterest link? I don't think I'm following yet, but I sure should be!! Have a great weekend! :)

moderndaywife said...

Love everything you mentioned about fall!!!!!! Wish it would hurry up and get a little chilly here in our sunshine state haha.

Mrs. T said...

Seriously, LOVING those outfits!!! Wish I could afford them all! haha

Beverly Walters Whaley said...


Amazing...You and Coach K share the same drive for this holiday! Beautiful pictures and wonderful Blog.....Love ya girl! Happy Blogging!