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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Black Friday Experience! + Turkey Day

I hope you all had an amazing Turkey Day and were able to spend tons of time with your wonderful families! I had a wonderful 5-day weekend but hardly got any rest at all because we were so busy with all the festivities, not to mention the lack of sleep that comes with Black Friday shopping {read on for my experience}!

We went to Daniel's mother's house on Thanksgiving day and my mom joined along, which was wonderful! We had a delicious Spanish-style feast including pork, hawaiian rolls, yucca, yellow rice and beans, 2 different salads, pasteles {click the link to read what it is}, sweet potato, and my traditional corn casserole that I always make for thanksgiving! We even had coconut creme pie and flan for dessert but can you tell what was missing....there was no turkey, haha!

I took a few pictures of our day but completely forgot to take pictures of the food until after it was already half-eaten :( 
Danny waiting to EAT!

of course I had to get a picture of myself

Danny's aunts, mom & my mom

my & my mom-in-law
my mom in her outfit that she thought looked latin....

everybody and digging in...and my corn casserole is on the right :)
setting the table


Danny & his cousin

Danny with his mom, dad & grandma (she's 90!!)

my mom & me with Danny's grandma. My mom couldn't get enough of her!
 After the get-together we decided to rush back home and get ready to wait in line at Target. We did Black Friday last year but didn't get there until the store was already open so we never had to deal with all the frenzy. But this year we decided to go all out and experience the fullness of Black Friday. Okay, maybe we weren't like some people we know who were waiting in tents at Best Buy since Wednesday afternoon {that's just plain crazy!} but we were actually going to wait in line for four hours! If you are as impatient as me, that amount of time can seem like an eternity!

We arrived at Target just before 8pm and doors didn't open until midnight, but thankfully we had a pack of playing cards and the newspaper to distract us from the monotony that we expected to face. However, we were happy to discover that waiting outside a store with crowds of people can actually prove to be an entertaining experience, courtesy of the impatient shoppers and those who try to cut in line. We saw and heard soooo many hilarious things but I have to say the funniest was a group of preteen boys who were trying to act tough but their voices were so squeaky because they hadn't hit puberty yet. All in all we had a pretty good time. We were about the 30th people in line and got EVERYTHING that was on our list! I would definitely recommend going to Target for Black Friday because they really do their best to honor those who arrive early. They let in the first 3 groups of 30 people with 15 seconds between each group so you get a headstart on your shopping spree. I thought it was amazing when I walked to the far side of the store and it was eerily quiet because everyone was hounding the electronics section. Danny and I decided to split up so I went to the home goods section and he fought through the crowds in the electronics since he wanted items from there.
The only downside: everyone splits up and tries calling their families at the same time so it took about 5 tries before my calls to him actually went through. But eventually he found me hiding out in the pillow section :)

I hope you all have a marvelous Monday!
p.s. - what do you think about the new layout? Should I go back to the old one? Let me know!

love always,


moderndaywife said...

That feast sounds amazing girl!! Too funny you guys went shopping but doesn't sound like too bad of an experience for being as crowded as most places are! :-)
ps- your mom is too cute!

Jessie Szmanda said...

Woooow looks soooo good! I love Flan! Yum! And I love the new layout.

Courtney B said...

What an awesome Thanksgiving! And I've never tried the black friday shopping... hoping for next year! Did anyone get arrested while you waited in line? Some friends told me that in line at one store they watched people get arrested for butting in line. Craziness!
I like the new lay out :)

Candice said...

Your mum sounds so fun!! I had never really heard of these black friday sales but it sounds awesome!!

Jamie Leigh said...

First off I love the new layout, super fun!

Looks like you had an amazing Thanksgiving. The menu sounds delicious! How fun your Black Friday experience sounds! We went out too, but not until 6am and we still got everything we wanted!

Betty said...

I love black friday shopping! My suggestion when shopping with someone else is to plan a meeting place before you go in. My SIL and I would usually just plan to meet back at the car. Just pay seperately and its easier to find each other!