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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Big Day...

Okay, the second Biggest Graduation day! Here is the lowdown on two of the most surreal/ awesome hours of my life.
 I found out that my graduation was at 9am so I had to be at the St. Pete Times Forum at 7:30am. They obviously don't know me. I am so not a morning person, which is why my sweet friends ended up waiting outside for me until I arrived at 7:54am! Sorry girls! But hey, at least my makeup and hair were in tip-top shape :)

We also toasted each other on our success before entering the arena. Once we got inside I was still in shock and disbelief that this day had actually come. To add to the beauty of these moments was the fact that Daniel and my parents were sitting on the sidelines close enough to where I could look over at them and smile. I felt so blessed to have the most important people in my life there with me for this milestone that took five LONG years to get through.  Here are some pics that I love:
I can't believe I really graduated from here!
me and Lauren

FYI: graduation gowns are NOT flattering!
Daniel took this picture of my mom and I taking a picture
Here's how it came out :)
I love the rhinestones on my cap :)
I'm explaining that the cap is really cool...obviously they are laughing at how silly that sounds
me and my mom-in-law

me and my dad....this picture is so special  because he really wanted me to finish
school...and somehow I did!
 Fun facts:
1. I did my nails all by myself! Check out the not-so-terrible outcome:
 2. There were 1,000 graduates at my ceremony plus there were two more ceremonies in the afternoon!
3. The lady who was supposed to "fix" my cap before I got on stage actually messed it up and the whole time I was walking across I had to hold it or it would fall off :(
4. As soon as I got to my mom's house I changed into my UGLY but very comfortable muumuu to open gifts. Here is the evidence:
as you can see, Priya and Max wanted to help me open gifts!
So enough with all the emotional stuff.....I graduated and was ready to PARTY!! Which you can read all about in tomorrow's post :)

love always,


Jamie Leigh said...

I am so happy for you! What a huge milestone! I remember how good it felt to be DONE! Enjoy it :)

Krystal said...

Hooray for joining the ranks of the other USF alums! We are going to take over at some point because there are so many of us! ;) Loved the CHEERS on your hat!

Jodie said...

Congrats, again!!!! Love all the pictures!! You did an awesome job on your cap... so cool!

moderndaywife said...

I just LOVE this post girl!! What an awesome experience to share with my fav Comm girlies! Those gowns are def not flattering but I still think we rocked the outfit ;-)

~nOe~ said...

Congrats on the graduation!!!
hope I don't sound stupid, what did you study???
Anyway- HUGE milestone for you!
Enjoy your study-free time now and happy holidays!
(that mumu was really cute!)