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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome Home...

Daniel and I had a blast putting up our Christmas decorations, minus the little attitude-attack I gave him because I tend to be a perfectionist over these things {Fact: marriage forces you to stop sweating the small stuff!}.Here is a glimpse of our home for the holidays:
boxing up the Fall decorations

I bought this bear for Danny 3 years ago and decided to keep it so he didn't get it until we got married! Haha!
dining table centerpiece

close-up of the nativity

candy dish/cup

wall art from the mom-in-law

We also have tons of cute ornaments thanks to my best friend! Since I had a Christmas wedding she decided to have all of my bridal shower guests bring an ornament for us along with their gifts. Here are a few of my favorites:
it looks a lot cuter if you pretend not to see the camera reflection :)

I definitely focused on the floor molding instead of the bad!'s really hard taking pictures of shiny ornaments. I promise!

And here's how the tree came out overall. This was obviously taken before we could agree on the star for the top of the tree :)

Do you all have any other Christmas home decor tips you think I could use for the house? I really want to go all out this year!

Happy Thursday!

love always,


Emily said...

It looks lovely! We actually have 2 trees-I love everything about Christmas decor! :) This is my favorite time of year! If you really want more ideas, scour Pinterest!!

Anonymous said...

Loooks great!!! Love that all your ornaments have a special meaning :)

Courtney said...

We just finished decorating our house too and it's getting me in such a good mood!
We also got married around Christmas (12/21/08) and our wedding favors were our names and date on it so we have TONS of Christmas decorations from the wedding and I love it!
Your house looks great!

Jamie Leigh said...

Everything looks great! I am in LOVE with your nativity set!

moderndaywife said...

Love all your holiday decor girl! Those Christmas ornaments are super cute :-)

Candice said...

Ahhh! I LOVE christmas so much!!! This post makes me so excited!!

~nOe~ said...

i loved the nativity people!