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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Aftermath of Graduating....

....Job Hunting!
Ugh! Just thinking of those two words is making my head spin. I am about to get REAL with you all today and let you in on my biggest personal dilemma at hand. For all you job searchers out there, or those who hunted until you tracked down your perfect career, I'm sure you can understand what I'm going through so please Pray.For.Me! And I promise to do the same for those of who are facing all these choices as well. So here's what happened, what's happening, and what I hope WILL happen! :)

What Happened? I made a resume. Apparently it wasn't good enough because I got not one, not two, but ZERO responses back! So I made another resume. Then I went on an application-applying streak and sent my resume to 15 places. Which brings me to....

What's Happening? The revised resume did the trick! I have had a total of 5 responses and 2 interviews! Great news right? Here's the dilemma:
I feel like I'm a contestant on a game show and have 3 doors in front of me but can only choose one! Which is where I need YOUR help!

Door # 1. I can take one of the jobs I have been offered since they pay more than the job I have now BUT they don't come with all the personal benefits that my current job has such as being more lenient with days off, surprising me with getting off early with pay and I only have to work 4 days a week. Hard choice!

Door  # 2. Danny and I have always wanted to start our own business and now could be the time to seriously get started with it (income tax returns, holla!) so I was thinking about working half days at my current job and using the other half of the day to build our biz. Plus, Danny just got a job promotion so our income would just be a teensy bit less than it is right now if I only worked half-days and would hopefully turn into a lot MORE than it is when  the business takes off!

Door # 3. I could leave things how they are for a little longer and keep applying for jobs until I find one that is all-around better than my current job and just save the business dreams for later down the road when we have more savings built up.
What I'm Hoping? I will learn to be content no matter where I am but I really hope to be a place where there is no more indecisiveness or regret.  Okay, okay what I really want is to make the most $$$ I can while also fulfilling my dreams (who doesn't want that?) but more importantly I just want to know I am abiding by the plan God has for my life.

So many choices, but only one is the right one! Which one is it?! I would appreciate any comments/ advice/ prayers pretty please!

Which door would you choose if you were me?

love always,


Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Girl, you know I'm in the same situation even with the starting my own business so it's been hard. I know if we pray and keep positive about it, we'll find which door will be best for us!!! Good luck friend xo

Faith said...

tough, tough. but honestly, i can't choose for you because these aren't my options, if you know what i mean. only you can really know this. which one do you feel more led to? i would pray about it and see where God leads you because at the end of the day, it isn't what we want but what He wants.


i know, probably not the best answer.

Katie said...

That's a tough choice! If you and hubby really have your heart set on starting a business, have a good idea and plan for that, and won't lose too much income in the process - that's a good opportunity for sure!
Can you tell us what updates you made to your resume that made it more appealing?

Nichole said...

Ha! I just lost my job today so I can def relate! Praying everything falls into place for BOTH of us

Miranda said...

i don't know if i can really help you but to be cheesy and follow your gut/heart. If when you think of door 1, it makes you have a pit in your stomach, i would say no! but all in all it is your choice...good luck girl!