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Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm in a very thought-filled mood today. Not sure if that's good or bad? But my mind is going a million different directions and within the last hour I think I have already questioned all of my major life decisions! Okay, so I guess that does mean this is a bad thing, ha!

I thought about how different life would be if I had gone somewhere else to college or even just majored in a different subject and was at an entirely different place in my life.
graduation day! Communication major :)

And that led me to think about how cool it would have been to have had roommates! But then I quickly took that thought back because I know I would have gone off on them if any had touched anything of mine without asking. I'm an only child and very territorial! I even ventured as far as thinking about what life would be like if Daniel and I hadn't met! And I only started blogging because of our marriage so this corner of the internet would be nonexistent.

 If I had chosen those paths other than the ones I went down, I would have never met my husband, met great friends, or started blogging. Or would I have? Then I I believe in fate? Were Daniel and I destined to meet regardless of what other choices we made?

Okay...this was the point when I thought my brain was going to explode from actually working this hard  for the first time in a long time, ha!I don't know what my life would be like if I made a single different choice than the ones I already made. But I DO know that I love my life, the family I was blessed with, and the great friends I made along the way. And most importantly, I wouldn't change a single thing.

I guess thinking about what 'could have been' isn't so bad.... it makes you appreciate where you are a whole lot more!

Happy Friday, friends! :)

love always,


Erica said...

I love your pictures from each of your different life achievements! I can relate to almost all of what you are feeling. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I had joined the Navy and gone to Medical school. Now as I graduate I wonder where my life is going to take me and it terrifies me yet I am excited for the journey.

Lauren said...

Love this, I have thought about life choices before too and just thank God for how much I love life now and thankful for the choices I DID make. Totally love that I'm in two of your pics, so lucky to have met such a wonderful friend like you! :-)

The Norton Family said...

I love your pictures and picture collage!

Haley W. said...

Love this post! My mom passed away when I was 11, and I constantly find myself thinking about whether or not I would still be who and where I am today had that not happened. But God has a plan for everyone, and I think we're both right where we're supposed to be! :)

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follolw my blog

Mrs. Pancakes said...

isn't wonderful how life enfolds in exactly the way it's supposed too. great pictures!

Angie said...

Girl, rest your brain! You made my mind wanna explode LOL. It's funny how every single decision we make affects the turnout of our lives. If you think of it like that it makes decision making even more difficult.