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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flying + Indians = It's OK

Even though I've been to over 10 countries and flown on countless plane trips, this is the first time I'm: A) going on a real plane with the hubster and B) Flying in over a year!

To all you travel-savvy ladies out there I'm sure I sound like such a loser but I just can't contain the excitement! And I think the most productive way to express that is by letting you know how "OK" it really is ;)

It's OK....

Its Ok Thursdays

  • to already have your bags packed 2 weeks before you plan on flying
  • to run out of clean laundry and start using the clothes from the packed bags
  • to Google search, "will hairspray blow up the plane?" FYI: thankfully that answer is a NO! :)
  • to get your house sprayed for insects before leaving because of the insane fear that roaches, ants, etc. will somehow know that you are gone and make themselves at home in your home. YUCK!
  • to buy all sorts of makeup and accessories under the guise that "these are essentials for the vacay!"
  • to be thrilled that the Fiji Festival is happening the same weekend we will be in Sacramento, CA (I just love seeing some uncoordinated Indians dancing on a stage haha!)
  • to already plan on taking over ownership of the hubby's iPhone while on the trip so I can constantly take photos on instagram
  • to thank God for giving us the chance to get away for almost 2 weeks :)
Happy Thursday!

love always,


Lauren said...

I'm so excited for you & your travel so soon! If you need any pointers about flying let me know I used to fly a lot on vacations but now not so much lately haha. We cruise or just drive :)

Jo said...

LoL such a funny post! Hope you have a lovely vacation!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!

♥ Shia

Monica said...

Yay for vaca!! I' totally do the first two!

Angie said...

OMG- a 2 week vacay, I'm so jealous!!!

Life With Lauren said...

Have fun! I use any excuse to buy makeup lol!

Life With Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lydia Criss Mays said...

I think your excitement is just awesome! I love your searches and your packing. It made me laugh out loud. I do think this is the only way to travel - packing two weeks out.

Have fun!

Happy seeing beautiful!