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Friday, July 6, 2012

Look Who's Back in Town!

I feel like I've been away for far too long and it feels wonderful to be typing a post on this little blog once again :) Didja miss me?

I want to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to all my guest bloggers who kept my little slice of the blogosphere alive while I was away. Weren't they the best?!

Unfortunately this post is pretty dull because even though my hubby loaded all the hundreds of pics on the computer, I've still been too lazy to sort through them and find the creme de la creme ones that give the illusion  that I'm even just a little thinner and prettier than I really am and of course only post those for you to see, ha! So in the meantime... this picture is a great paraphrase of the "wonderful bliss" I get to experience now:

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Have a great weekend (personally, I will be sleeping mine away!)



Faith said...

welcome back!!

can't wait to see all the pictures, hehe.

have a relaxing weekend!

Malo said...

Glad to have you back here!!

Michelle Norton said...

Welcome back!!

Courtney B said...

SO glad you're back!!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

Ha! Glad you're back. That pictures is hysterical.

Happy seeing beautiful!

Lauren said...

Happy you are back to the blog world friend :-) Can't wait to see pics of you trip!