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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Talk About Taxes

I'm sure you read this title and thought, "Taxes, are you kidding me?"
But seriously, right after getting my job I had to fill out what seemed like a ton of paperwork and just take a guess as to what much of it was regarding? Taxes!

Since it's on my mind, I thought I would share a couple helpful tips and sites  with you so you can be completely prepared for this coming year! {If you had any doubts of whether or not I am a nerd I'm sure your mind is made up at this point, haha!}

Some great sites to check out are:
1. The FAQ section on the IRS website of course! Click here for a direct link
2. MSN Money has a great tax advice section too! Just go here
3. And in case you have nothing else in the world to do, you can also check out the background of taxes here at the best site ever....Wikipedia haha!

Random Tax Facts:
1. In 1952, Joseph Nunan was arrested and jailed for tax evasion. Now, you’re probably wondering why you care. He used to be the former commissioner of the IRS. Yeah, that’s irony at its’ finest.
2. Taxes were not levied between 1817 and 1861. What happened in 1861 that made the government need them again? The Civil War.  When taxes started to be levied at this time, they were about 3% of your income. Now, the highest bracket pays over 30%.
3. The first e-file was in 1986.

4. The U.S tax code has over 7 million words. The Bible, which is considered to be a huge book by most peoples’ standards, is only 7 hundred thousand.

5. The Spanish American war was funded by taxes on… chewing gum. Are you serious?
(tax facts were taken from here)

I'm usually a very early bird when it comes to filing but I always use TurboTax and they give me a million reminders weeks (even months) ahead of time, which really helps! You should check them out here for more info on filing on time {or if, God forbid, you are a procrastinator}! I only use the free filing method and have to say it is such a breeze to do and  I always get bigger refunds than I expected!

Hopefully this tax info session helps in a few months!

love always,

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