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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

California + Indian Family - Part 1

Guess what I found?!
 Photos from our trip to California - Sacramento & San Francisco. Today's pictures are just of the time we had with my family in Sacramento.
Our first night there we were introduced to "In & Out" Burger! Oh.Em.Gee! Thank God we don't have this restaurant in Florida or I would be bigger than a house! Their secret sauce is amazing and all I can say is, I don't know how those of you who live nearby one these chains have the willpower not to eat it everyday!
sorry for the horrible phone pic!
The next morning my very ghetto cousin gave us a tour of downtown Sacramento. It was hilarious following him around in his extra-long tee and baggy pants as he showed us the old town. Ha! Oh, and we even got police officers on horses to take a pic with us!
love that Danny has a gift shop!  and that Buffalo pose looks just a little inappropriate now that I think about it, ha!
It was so great to spend time with some of my little cousins! For once, we didn't have to worry about work, bills or even acting like adults. We soaked up every last moment of staying up til 2am telling jokes, having dance competitions on the Wii, learning Indian Uno and even playing in their neighborhood playground!
the little red chair I was sitting on is a guaranteed way to make yourself puke. NOT recommended for those with a weak stomach. Or anyone over the age of 12 for that matter ;)

It was so nice seeing Danny fit right in with my family :)

this was the first time in 5+ years that I have been on a slide!

We had some of the best curry and roti while we were with them! (You can click the links to see what they are) The only downside is that we still haven't worked off all the calories from the few days that we were with them :/
Tomorrow is all about our *interesting* time in San Francisco!

love always,


Lauren said...

How fun, love all the family pictures girl :-)

Nikki said...

Oh I am going to San Fran in November and insights would be AMAZING!

Jessica Renee said...

That looks like such a fun time! I'm glad y'all got to be worry free for a while and get in some quality time with the family :)

Angie said...

Looks like such a fun time!
Great photos, Can't wait to see the rest.