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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food and Fashion...It's OK!

This week has seriously flown by! And I've never worn so many cute outfits to work in one week, haha! It's crazy how now that my job is about to be over (and I will soon be wearing pajamas to work!) I starting coming up with all these creative outfits :/

Ok,ok enough about my and my wardrobe issues....let's talk about why "It's OK"!

It's OK...
Its Ok Thursdays

  • to have a sudden obsession with jewelry! The bigger, the better and necklaces are my fave! Here are some styles I'm loving:
statement necklaces

  •  to paint my nails more crazy colors at 24 years old than I ever did when I was 10 (I don't think glitter polish even existed back then)
  • to be a bad wife and see how long I can get the leftovers to last. FYI: that is definitely NOT OK and after reading this I think I will go home and cook the hubster a four-course meal tonight, haha!
  • to love creating new hairstyles. Even if I have nowhere to show them off 
  • to go to a Gateway Worship concert last night (for free!) and not get a single picture
  • to go shopping for "work clothes" even though I will be working from home starting Monday! 
  • to go on Pinterest just to make myself laugh. You know you do it too!

love always,


Jessica Renee said...

omg the baby and cat pics are so cute!!

So jealous that you're gonna work from home but seriously that's so exciting!! :)

Lauren said...

I'm loving those necklaces too I have one similar to the yellow and I want it now in all the cute colors for fall :-) So jealous you will get to work from home starting next week, good luck!

Sarah Grace said...

i am the biggest fan of leftovers! sooo lucky that i have a non-picky hubby! :)

happy thursday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Nichole said...

Ummmm, Im behind in the blog world, why are you leaving your job?!

All you need is love said...

I have been a bad wife too, tonight I just didn't feel like cooking so we had a rotisserie chicken! Super easy and quick!

Jo said...

You are not a bad wife, bad wives don't care.

I'm busy reading a book by John Burke and it's making me want to move to Austin just to join Gateway!