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Friday, October 26, 2012

Wake Up Call - It's Time to be Successful

Today's post was supposed to be a DIY tutorial as well as giving away a free printable that I created. But, sorry, it's taking a whole new route and that fun stuff will have to wait until Monday.

Last night, I ended up watching "Machine Gun Preacher" on Netflix (was NOT my first choice but I'm glad Danny chose it) while also working on my "life map" (i.e. my plan for tomorrow and the rest of my life - scary stuff)!

This was a volatile combination to say the least and it led to some very unpleasant dreams. I woke up panicked after envisioning myself as a 40-something who was unsuccessful and full of regrets for not living up to my full potential. 

If you haven't seen the movie, it's a true story about a hillbilly from Pennsylvania who would literally kill for drugs but once he accepts Christ, he starts a construction business, visits Africa and gets a vision to build a church in his hometown as well as an orphanage for the children in the Sudan. He  makes a life-changing impact on thousands of African children who would have otherwise died at the hands of the rebels. I and Danny both cried at the violence, suffering and brutality these children endure every moment of everyday.

But I don't want to just sit on my couch, watch a movie, shed a few tears and move on with my life. I want the desire to make a difference, as frustrating and painful as it might be, to linger in the depths of my heart. I want to be so burdened by the struggles of others that I have no choice but to do what it takes to make a difference in their lives.

I want my life map to tell a story so great that when I take my last breath I will know that my legacy does not end there, but will be carried on through the people whose lives I have touched. To me, that is what it truly means to be successful.

What does "success" mean to you?

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Hi! I just nominated you for the Leibster award! I love to read your blog each day and thought you deserved a nomination! Go check out my blog for more details: