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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Power of...Emoticons

If you thought my title said "emotions"... you are kind of correct.
But mainly I'm thinking of expressing emotions in a world of texts, IMs, facebook posts and tweets. EMOTICONS! It seems like those little yellow smiley faces from a few years ago are popping up everywhere these days and are even in a multitude of shapes, colors and unique expressions.

Emoticons take the guesswork of how a person feels when they write a text like "I'm fine" or "sure". Previously, this would leave the receiver of such texts wondering, "do they honestly feel that way, are they being sarcastic, are they good-fine or bad-fine"? But now you can add a wide array of faces (smiley, sad, questioning, irritated or even ones with hearts for their eyes) as well as hand gestures (thumbs up or down), or even pictures of what you are doing (food, clothing, places) to show your emotions through what you are typing. There is a ton to love about emoticons and they have made social media so much more exciting :) I'm completely addicted and usually add multiples of them to a single text. Is that overdoing it? Perhaps. But it's just so much fun! MyEmoticons even has some cool ones that you can download to your computer and use for Facebook posts.

So the question of the day is...are you a friend or foe of emoticons?


Lauren said...

I love using these on my iphone :-)

Mariel Collins said...

I love them!! I use them all the time:)

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

I love your new blog layout!


Vicki said...

HAHA - I love using them on my iPhone!

Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

I stick to the :) and ;)

I'm so boring. Lol.

Oh...and HI!

Tabetha said...

Found you through the Follow Me Maybe Hop & happy to be a new follower!!

Jo Lane said...

Hello! Following you from the blog hop! Follow me maybe? :)

Katy said...

I love emoticons! :)

New follower through the Follow Me Maybe? blog hop!

Candice said...

I love emoticons!! My girlfriends and I try writing whole messages to each other using emoticons only hehe so fun!!