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Monday, December 10, 2012

Best {Tupperware} Party Ever!

I just went to the most fabulous Tupperware Party last Tuesday night!
Yep, Tupperware (i.e. those plastic containers that your grandma has from 50 years ago and they are still going strong).

This party was so great that I dragged my hubby along and he was sad to leave after the 2 hours we were there. Seriously!

me and Dixie!
Ok, ok...truth is this was no ordinary Tupperware Party. It was hosted by Dixie (actor Kris Andersson) and was held at the Straz Center in Tampa. We learned all about her crazy ex-con life and how her parole officer led her to start selling Tupperware since 2004. She even won 2nd place at the Tupperware Jubilee! We sang songs, learned "creative" ways to use the products and got her whole life story (including 3 husbands, 3 kids and her home in Alabama which is a single-wide trailer)

This show was filled with non-stop laughs and eentertainment but the best part is that she actually showed that Tupperware can be multi-functional (great for throwing at someone's head and not having to worry about your food falling out of the sealed containers) and she actually made it available for sale after the show. We didn't purchase any this time...but I just might be adding Tupperware to my Christmas list ;)


Fit In My Red Soles Shoes said...

This is so cute!! It sounded like a comedy show to me, right? LOL!! Always a great thing to have fun!!

Faith said...

omg, that sounds like so much fun! who would have thought that a tupperware party could be so fun! i feel like i want to go to one now, but only if he's hosting, lol.