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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Did You Remember the Reason?

I don't know about you, but this year I just didn't feel the "Christmas Spirit" leading up to the Big Day.
Perhaps it was a mixture of the unusually warm weather, being stressed from searching for very last-minute gifts, or not having the time to string up lights outside the house. Whatever the case, I was dying for Christmas to be over before it had even begun!

What really brought me back to the Reason for the Season is when at 11pm, on our way home from Christmas Eve with the family, we ran over a huge nail and got a flat tire!
And of course, not even WalMart is open at that time or on Christmas day! We were supposed to spend time with both families on Christmas.

How was this going to work out?

Standing outside my mom's driveway late Monday night - we prayed. We rejoiced in the fact that we have so many blessings in our life and a flat tire is a small problem compared to the catastrophes  many other families are facing during this season.

I really believe when we came to that place of peace, God was able to move in our situation. We got up early Christmas morning, put our little donut tire on the car, drove around the neighborhood and found a gas station that was not only open but also had fix-a-flat. It was just enough to get us to our family's house 45-min away and thankfully my brother-in-law (unbeknownst to us) had the tools to patch up the tire!

Christmas Eve:

My sis-in-law, niece, nephew, cousins
me and my mom!
Danny and his mom
 Christmas Day:
me, my cousin & Danny
Indian Food!
Christmas faces lol
my cousin, mom, me, uncle and aunt
Danny's sister's house (forgot to take more pics. Oops!)

Don't try stealing Danny's bone!

yummy desserts!

I was exhausted by the time we got home!
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and took a moment to remember the true reason for this season :)


Faith said...

glad that everything worked out. :)

looks like a great Christmas. reminds me that i have to go to my favorite Indian restaurant very soon!

runningbetty said...

We had grandpa in the hospital for emergency heart surgery Christmas Eve. We dropped off an iPad and Facetimed him in while all the little ones opened presents. He got to come home Christmas day around noon. That was our prayer answered.

Lauren said...

So sorry to hear about your flat tire, same thing happened to me a few weeks ago :-( But looks like your Christmas turned out wonderful despite the small bump!

anika♥Lee said...

FUN Pictures!!!! I agree with you on the whole excitement leading up to Christmas this year - and how it wasn't really what it should be or used to be. I'm glad to hear it turned around for you - but sorry to hear about the nail in your tire. :( Tires are expensive! Blah! Cars are money pits period. lol ANYWAY... I switched to Wordpress for a bit - come visit and say Hi!!!!

Angie said...

God always provides!! It's so hard to remember that sometimes but it's so true. He will provide a way for us even when we think there isn't one.

Glad you had a wonderful holiday. I'm jealous of all that Indian food. It looks absolutely delicious!

Saeed Zia said...

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