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Monday, August 1, 2011

Have you ever....

Have you ever searched your birthday on the internet? I'm probably the only one who hasn't thought to do that until now! 
Since my birthday is coming up exactly a week from today (!) I decided to see the history of my birthday and WOW it is so amazing what can be found on the internet!

Here are some interesting things that happened on 8/8/88, which is my b-day of course! :)

  • August 08, 1988 Discovery of most distant galaxy announced

  • August 08, 1988 Duchess of York gives birth to princess Beatrice 

  • August 08, 1988 Renovated Central Park Zoo reopens after 4 years

  • August 08, 1988 Russian troops begin pull out of Afghanistan after 9 year war

  • August 08, 1988 Sec of State Shultz narrowly escapes assassin attempt in Bolivia

  • August 08, 1988 South Africa declares cease-fire in Angola

  • August 08, 1988 Temperature hits high of 88 on 8/8/88 in NYC

  • August 08, 1988 The "8888 Uprising" occurs in Burma.

  • August 08, 1988 The lights are turned on at Wrigley Field for the first time


  • And, of course, I was born this very special day 23 years ago :)

  • I hope you weren't too bored by that quick history lesson of my birthday and I encourage you all to google your own b-days if you haven't already!
    Have a marvelous Monday!
    love always,


    moderndaywife said...

    This is really neat, happy almost birthday! ps- I love how you change your header like every day lol :-D Last week of summer school!!! xoxo

    Ivelisse Rodriguez said...

    WOW! I am going to google mine. Especially since you and I r only one day apart. Mine is the 7th. But Im way younger than you so of course different year. LOL

    Suzanne said...

    Wow, that's really neat!

    KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

    8/8/88--what an auspicious date to be born! Is 8 one of your lucky numbers?

    I was born 12/12/85 and 12 is definitely my lucky number :)