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Friday, July 29, 2011


Dear blog friends:
  I am so sorry for being such a horrible blogger! I have been so busy in my "real life" that my blog life is totally suffering.  And I'm not-so-sorry to say that I would rather have it that way than the reverse ;)
 So how is life, you ask? Well it's just plain amazing! In the last couple weeks I have made milestones, though they were very small, in my life! Here are some of the "accomplishments" that took place:

1. I am terrified of public speaking, which makes no sense since I'm majoring in communication, but somehow managed to give a 3 hour presentation! I may or may not have presented it with three other people but it's still a big achievement, okay?!

2. I am getting so much better at sewing! It took a lot of practice but I think I can finally say I am somewhat a seamstress! FYI: my definition of a great seamstress is someone who can reattach a button that is hanging off a sweater or mend a very tiny tear. Anything beyond that is just plain phenomenal :)

3. I went to my first reunion for Danny’s family and it was very interesting, to say the least!
in the car (it wasnt the same day but i thought it was a good pic lol)

the clubhouse
king and queen of the ball lol
dancing with mom-in-law :)

sis-in-law, me, & mom-in-law

niece, nephew and their friends
4. Danny and I sang our first duet together! It was a complete train wreck and was more hilarious than anything else but at least we can say that we did it. We also did the "jump on it" dance at the end. Yes, it was embarrassing and no, I'm not proud of it! Lesson learned....karaoke is NOT for us!

i had to hide my face from embarassment!

We really did have a great couple of weeks and it feels so good to be back on here blogging about the ups, downs and in-betweens of married life! 

Hope you all have an extraordinary weekend!
love always,


moderndaywife said...

Aww looks like a great time too cute that you sang a duet together :-) Congrats on the presentation,I always hate those!

The Crimella's said...

Love that you did the Jump On It dance!!! Congrats on your presentation!!!

P! said...

Welcome back! Glad you've been keeping busy. :) Cute photos!!