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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm seeing spots!

So why the weird title? Funny story!
Yesterday morning I was about to head out the door to go to work and was wearing a white top with big black polka dots, a black cardigan and black pencil skirt. Well, it's pretty dark still and my back was to my hubs and all of a sudden, just as I'm about to leave, he says "OH Noooo!" So I'm thinking, uh-oh what have we forgotten this time? Then he tells me I have a HUGE hole in my shirt right near the bottom. Are you kidding me?! I'm so late (as always!) and don't have any idea what to change into. As I walk into the master bedroom and look into the mirror I see it..... an enormous, black SPOT! My husband thought the spot was a hole because my skirt was black, hahaha! It gave us a good laugh and was a great way to start the day, since there wasn't really a hole in my cute top :)

So I'm linking up for "It's OK Thursdays" with Amber and Neely!

Its Ok Thursdays

... to love shopping online just because it's exciting to get a package in the mail
... to wait until a movie comes out on Netflix (there are rare exceptions!) instead of seeing it in theaters
... to visit your mom for an hour but spend 30 minutes of it playing with the dogs
... to have dreams that seem sooo much bigger than me!
... to buy bathing suits in December because they are on sale
... to never have enough heels even though you have over 50 pairs
... to spend more time laughing than studying at a study group session
... to think about December 24/7 (graduation, 1st anniversary, cruise!) even though it's 2 months away
... to go running everyday even when it seems like I will pass out, throw up or both! The price I pay to get back in shape....
... to have blog friends that are just as great as real-life friends

Happy Thursday!
And because I can't have a post with no pictures....
I ♥ dachshunds! Only 1 more day to go!

love always,


moderndaywife said...

Girl I am always loving your new blog designs super cute! I am ALWAYS thinking of December lol glad it isn't just me. Too cute about the clothes story! :-)

Holly said...

Cute story about the hole! And I totally agree about shopping online just for the anticipation of seeing that big box of goodies at the door!

Loving your blog... I'm now following :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

dottie said...

Good job running! It's torture but sooo worth it. Beauty does not come easy. Well, you know what I mean!

I was on the worst slump of my workouts ever. BUT, I have returned to the gym (insert Rocky music) and have worked out 7 times in the last 10 days! It is NOT easy.

Deidre said...

Love the story! How funny.

Also that puppy is just too cute!