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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marriage.Is.NOT.Easy! (But it's totally worth it!)

Okay, so this is a serious post. I never write them but today I just need to get a lot off my chest. I have only been married for ten months so I know I don't come with a background full of experience on the wedded life but,wow, this thing called marriage is seriously stressing me out!

I love Daniel with all my heart and he really does the best he can for me the majority of the time, as I also try to do for him. But it just seems like lately the frustration-ometer has hit the roof!Last night was just the icing on the cake as I had yet another long day and he had a tough time at work. When we finally got home and sat down for dinner it seemed like the issues just wouldn't stop coming! We were getting annoyed with every little thing that the other did! And every time we have a disagreement it only takes a couple minutes before we are both telling each other, "you don't care about me!", but deep down we know that's not true. When we take a moment to separate that's when we can think clearly about just how much the other has sacrificed.

Daniel has done so much to support me through these last 5 years of school, and no matter how much I want to deny it when we argue, I really couldn't have done as well as I did if it wasn't for his help and encouragement.
  • Even before we were married he has driven to my school at 11:30pm in the pouring rain just to pick up my folder that I dropped in the parking lot by accident and then he brought it 45 minutes to my house because I needed the papers that were in it.
  • He has come to visit me between classes, even if it was for only 15 minutes, just so that I wouldn't have to be alone. 
  • He put aside his own plans countless times so that I could get papers done on time, even though it was my fault for procrastinating.
  • He has missed out on the beach, going running or just relaxing with me so that I could go to study groups.
I couldn't even begin to count all the times he has put me and my schoolwork ahead of himself! I thank God that there are only 2 more months left (65 days in fact, if you look at new Graduation countdown ticker in USF colors! -->) until I graduate so that will be a HUGE weight lifted off our shoulders and hopefully we will have much less to argue about then (it never hurts to dream)! 
Me and Danny from back in the day!

love always,


moderndaywife said...

Marriage is def hard work girl and those that say it isn't are lying haha!!!! Glad to se you guys have such a strong love though you will get through anything as I have found out in my experiences with my own marriage :-) LOVE the countdown ticker yay!

whitney tomlin said...

it gets better, just have faith. we have been marrying going on three years!

Jessica said...

Marriage really is the hardest work you'll ever do (even harder than raising kids I think). I've been married for almost 6 years and there are times I'm shocked we're still together or think that we're only together because of our kids. But deep down, we're still together because we want to be together, because we work to be together. Oh and because we really love each other. We survived a high risk pregnancy/birth of our second child, me being in school, and both working full time. I know how school can make it worse. Just keep at it and don't let the frustrating times get the best of you. Your hardwork and patience with each other will pay off in the end!