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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Passport Office Adventures

Amazing news!
Daniel is getting his first passport EVER in 2-3 weeks according to our new friend, John, A.K.A the Passport Office worker! With Danny everywhere we go is an adventure since he is such an outgoing guy. So, of course, this last Saturday morning at the passport office was no different :)
We were smart (unlike the last time I got a passport) and made an appointment in advance so we were the only ones there, which helped tremendously since I had to rush back to my Women's Conference right after. So here's the short version of our experience at the PPO (passport office):

We walk in, Danny notices the horrendous late 70s - early 80s music and tells the guy working at the desk how "awesome" it is. The guy looks at me and says, "is he being sarcastic?!" To which I have to sadly admit, "no, he really does like the music". And that's what starts it all! They go into a wonderful (for them) long conversation on different types of music, where to find the best hits and ultimately they decide to become Facebook friends. Weird? Not for me. Now that I have become Mrs. Reyes, this is the norm and I love how open and interactive my hubster is with people he meets! So here are some pics I took to document this moment that will forever go down in the history of our first year of marriage....
special parking for the passport peeps, i.e. US!

got all the forms? Check!

yay he actually accepted the application!

we are officially American citizens haha!

yucky pic of moi

still smiling on the way back home

Now for WILW! I have missed out on several weeks but I'm back with tons of things I am liking!

I'm Liking that there are just over 50 days before I become a USF Alumni

I'm Liking that I got to go to Grad Stampede with Lauren and Valerie, and ended up leaving with:
and a car decal like this:

I'm Liking that I get to celebrate my 1st anniversary on the 1st day f our cruise! How did I not notice that until now?

I'm Liking how much better I feel in my clothes since Daniel and I have been working out a lot more! We are going bike riding tonight for the 1st time in over a year! I really hope the saying, "you never forget how to ride a bicycle", holds true for me today!

I'm Liking that the temperature is actually in the 70s right now! For Florida that is simply a miracle!

As always, I'm LOVING my hubster, who always finds ways to make me smile everyday :)
our hands :)


moderndaywife said...

Yay for your hubby getting his passport! You better teach me how to insert pics like in your header too cute :-) and of course love that new shirt you got wonder who helped you pick it out ;-) have a great one girl!!!

The Presutti's said...

Your newest follower! Congrats to your husband!!! Where in FL do you live?

Whitney & Devin said...

Woohoo! Yay for passports! I was soo excited when I got mine I wanted to go on a trip right away!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

How cute are yall!?? Thanks for following, I look forward to getting to 'know' you :)