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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Series of Phone Calls...

This morning started off with 3 of the best phone calls I could have had and I just know my day is going to be so much brighter now because of them!
Phone call #1: The first call was from my mom, who is always hilarious so I expected to be entertained. She is such a joker and was saying that she was sorry for what happened yesterday and has to limit her pranks to "daytime only". In order to understand what made this call so great let me rewind to 9:50pm last night....
I called my mom on my way home from school around 9:30pm and got the shock of my life from the other end of the phone! I could hear the excitement in her voice from the moment she answered and immediately after saying hello she told me that she got engaged! MY MOM...ENGAGED! Oh heck noooo!! I can't even tell you how many times I asked her over and over if it was true but she kept insisting that her longtime missionary friend, who is overseas at the moment, sent her the ring in the mail. She then told me that he always said he would propose that way and she is most definitely going to say "yes".
So of course I abruptly hung up and speed dialed my hubster so he could calm me down and bring me back to reality. 2 minutes later, at 9:50pm, I'm meeting her at the end of her street so she can show me her bling. I am one of the most curious people I know so there was no way I would be waiting til the next day to see her diamond! She even told me she forgot the letter at home but would show it to me the next day. So there I am, comparing her "diamond" to mine to see if it is legit and I actually believed her! Then she lets me hold the ring, which is as light as a feather, and starts laughing...HARD! Apparently she found the ring on the side of the road when walking the dogs and decided to pull one of the greatest pranks ever on me at almost 10pm when I have not been home all day. Nice, mom, very nice. But I love her and am grateful that she goes out of the way to keep me on my toes. Thankfully, she promised to limit this to daytime only so I am very pleased now :)
me and my prankster mom

Phone Call # 2: This short and sweet phone call was a surprise from my dad, who is on vacation touring South America right now! I cannot begin to express how happy I was to hear his voice, especially since my mom told me that he was not feeling that well when he first arrived. I'm happy to now know that he is doing great and having the time of his life. His birthday was on October 7th so he waited to open the cards from my mom and I on that day. He got to read them while at Machu Picchu in Peru! How amazing is that?!
me and my world-traveling dad
Phone Call # 3: I had my usual, but still very delightful, random morning call with the hubster today! It was about our first time eating chicken parmesan and went a little something like this:
Asha: "so someone is going to see their mommy this weekend!"
Daniel: "yea, I'm gonna spend time with my dad and grandma too"
A: "remember when your grandma used to always make you those steak things?"
D: "yea, breaded steak. It was so good and then I discovered chicken parmesan!"
A: "I remember when I had it for the 1st time! I was 13 at Olive Garden"
D: "Wow you were missing out! That stuff is like from heaven!...Oh nevermind, it can't be. That many calories can only be from hell!"

And then we had to get off the phone. I love that guy so much! Even after almost 5 years together we are still learning new things about each other :)
I'm also linking up for "It's OK Thursdays"!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok...

... to get motivation to run every time I see the top shelf of the closet that is filled with jeans that no longer fit
... to go to the mall on a friday night with the hubs to "relive" our high school days
... to feel like the year is flying by so quick that everything feels out of my control
... to eat PB & J for breakfast EVERY morning no matter how many other yummy things there are in the house
... to get impatient because I want so much more from life than where I am right now
... to lay out in the backyard and be just as amazed by the stars as when I was a kid
... to be in disbelief of how random I am after looking at this list I created :)

Happy Thursday!
love always,


moderndaywife said...

Your parents seem amazing and you mom how funny! :-) Love your list, how random but true!

Stephanie said...

I love your parents and I love your OK's!!! What a fun evening/day! And I love laying out in my backyard too and looking at the stars... it sounds so corny, but it's so relaxing and beautiful!

Hope you had a great day! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

Candice said...

This is the BEST post! You had me laughing out loud!! Your life sounds so lovely :)