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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have You Ever....Car Edition!

Have you ever....left something on the hood/ trunk/ bumper of your car and been driving 'round town wondering why in the world people keep honking at you?!
I know I'm hot, but not that hot, haha!
I don't know about ya'll but I can think of many-a-time in my life that I have made that mistake! To name a few incidents....
1)  I was 8 years old, had a very short attention span, and had the most adorable pet guinea pig that my neighbors let me adopt when they moved away. Can you tell where this story is headed? Well, for those who are still unsure of where I'm going with this, let's just say that I felt bad for poor Guinea because he was always caged up and he deserved some fresh air and to sit atop a high cliff (i.e. the back bumper of my dad's station wagon) and see the world from a different perspective.  Enter: short attention span. I apparently got distracted and went back inside the house shortly after Guinea was in his new resting place and forgot all about the little guy.
15-30 minutes later: My dad leaves to go to the store and gets honked at more times going down our street than he had in the last 5 years! He thinks something must have happened to his car so he pulls over and to his horror and surprise he finds the poor little guinea pig holding onto his bumper for dear life! Aren't you glad this story had a happy ending? But unfortunately I got distracted while playing with Guinea outside a few months later and he ran like the wind, and never returned again :(
It must have looked something like this:
2) I was a senior in highschool, just got my car, and piled in all the friends I possibly could. Of course, it got sweltering hot in a matter of minutes so I lowered all the windows. BIG MISTAKE! I had placed all my schoolwork on the ledge behind the backseats so with the heavy breeze, one by one all of my papers started to flap away right out the back windows! And can you believe it actually took my friends (who were feeling the papers as they whooshed past their heads) a couple MINUTES before they realized what was happening and tried to save my hard work! Ugh! Aren't friends the greatest?! Ha!

3) Last but not least, the incident that inspired the post! Two words: Reynold's Wrap! Don't ask how it got there but we pulled into Lowe's after a whole day of shopping and finally noticed there was a roll of aluminum foil stuck between the back spoiler of my car! But between you and me, I'm almost certain the hubster had a hand in that!

So what funny/crazy car incidents have you experienced? I would love to hear!
I know I'm not the only one out there who has had a few vehicle mishaps :)

love always,


Anonymous said...

bahahahahahahahahaaha i cannot stop laughing. that was hilarious. and i love the picture!! bahahahahhaaha so funny.

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

LOL this is awesome girl, only you!!!! :-)

Laura said...

About two years ago, I noticed a chip on my windshield. I had made my glass deductible $0 so I called a company to get it replaced. I booked an appointment, coordinated the insurance claim and so forth. They showed up at my work (I was a waitress at the time) and I ran out to meet the man. Upon inspection of the window, he informed me that is wasn't a chip, it was merely sap from a tree. Oops!

Denise said...

My husband did that just the other day and I couldn't help but laugh at him! He left a bottled water leaning against his windshield.. So funny!

Miranda said...

so glad the guinea pig made it! its hilarious imagining it clinging on to the bumper! fortunately i only have one story and its not that great...(the longer version is) late one night during the summer i left my flipflops on the bumper (of a getaway car - don't worry i wasn't doing anything illegal) and didn't realize till the next morning they flew off. thankfully i went looking for them and they were lying there together in the middle of the street!