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Monday, January 2, 2012

Speaking of a Cruise...

 I know it was forever-ago since I left to go on a cruise with Daniel but I finally have time to share all the details (#1 procrastinator here) !
We had such a great vacation and consumed more food than our bellies could handle in the way-too-short time that we were away! Our adventure doesn't start on the ship, however. It begins with the morning afternoon that we left our house. For those who are experienced cruisers I'm sure you know that the ship usually departs around 4pm (as ours did) and all travelers are required to be on board by 2:30pm at the latest. Well don't you know that we love pushing our luck?
Daniel and I were completely exhausted from partying the night before (my grad party!) so all we wanted to do was sleep in. Therefore, even after all three alarms went off we were still dozing off at 10am! When we finally awoke, we hastily gathered our things and we pulled out of the driveway at exactly 11:59am. Perhaps now would be a good time to mention that we live two hours away from Port Canaveral and needed to get gas, Danny wanted to exchange his suit jacket at JC Penney and I wanted to buy a really amazing spiral hair curler for the trip. We actually ended up accomplishing the first two tasks in record time but decided to wait until we were closer before stopping to get the hair curler.
We made it to the port just before 2:30 (don't ask how fast we were driving!) but still had no curler so we asked the security guard if we would have enough time to pick one up. According to him, we had at least another half hour before our deadline for boarding was actually over. So, we decided to put our fate in the hands of the security guard and head out on our search for the curler.Now, get this: after visiting not one but two different Walgreens stores, a CVS, the Cape Canaveral mall and Walmart Supercenter I still did not find the stinkin' curler that I wanted! I could not believe how un-fashion-savvy (totally made up that word!) the people of Cape Canaveral are! Ugh! Needless to say, I sported straight hair for the rest of the week and because of our little escapade we were the last two people to walk through the desolate boarding area, but hey at least we made it! As soon as we got on board we did 3 things:

1. We ran up to the top deck to see the boat take off

oh was raining when we arrived!
it was crazy windy!

2. We changed clothes and ate food!
our teeny-tiny room!

at our fancy dinner
my piggy animal we came back to after dinner

3. We played around with the camera and took crazy pictures in the elevator!

Tune in for Part 2 of our adventures on the sea tomorrow! ;)
love always,


Anonymous said...

so jealous!
i have never been on a cruise but i'm dying to go!!

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Can't believe you got there so late and went shopping for hair curler LOL but so you ;-) Love all the pictures, especially the elevator ones, I need to still do my recaps I'm slacking haha.

Jamie Leigh said...

I SOOOO badly want to go on a vacation..that looks amazing! Glad you guys had a blast! Happy 2012!