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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I see a pattern going on here...

Hola Chicas! 
I'm in a Latin mood today, if that makes any sense. Ha!
Or maybe it's just that I start talking in accents when I'm happy.
So can you tell I'm having a great week? Or to be more precise, I'm choosing to have a great week, although so far that hasn't been very hard to do!
We started our weekend off right with a family dinner at Kobe's  to celebrate my MIL's birthday. That is seriously one of the funnest family-friendly restaurants and we enjoyed every minute of it.

The next night Danny and I went out to Bahama Breeze (since I had a $10 off coupon, holla!) and had a date night for the first time in a long time. We also had our first garage sale ever and I'm so hooked! Can't wait to do another one! Okay, so that pretty much sums up our weekend. Now onto the interesting stuff....
I'm seeing a reoccurring pattern in my and Danny's's strange to say the least!

I graduated in December, Danny got accepted back in school in January
Danny got promoted in June, I got promoted in July.
Danny was moved to the front of his office, I get moved to the front of my office a month later!
Danny has a schedule change and receives overtime, I get a schedule change and receive half days

Now here's the BIG question....

Danny just got a truck.
So does that mean I will be getting a new car???

HAHA, I guess that's where the pattern finally ends!

Have any of you experienced similar patterns with your significant others?

love always,


Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Haha love it!We haven't had a "pattern" as to say but whenever hubs get a promotion it seems something good happens for me too so I'm hoping that keeps up this next year!
ps- YUM Kobe's I had my bachelorette party dinner there it was so delish!

Monica said...

Sounds like a good weekend, that is a pretty cool pattern. Too bad it probably won't go that way for you with the new car!

Candice said...

Sounds like great things are and have been happening for you!!! :D
Keep having an amazing week lovely xx

Mrs. Pancakes said...

looks like a fun time!