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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be My Guest!

I have exciting news to share today! I have just added a new tab smack-dab in the middle of my pages above ^^ titled, "Be My Guest"! Here is what it's all about:

 I invite you to:
Guest Post!
Every once in a while, it's nice to get a change of perspective and the same goes for this blog!
I would love to have some guest posters here at Asha's Aspects :)
It is a great way for you to showcase your talent, insight and/or creativity!
Here are the easy-peasy guidelines:

1. Your post needs to be related to the topics on my blog (crafts, relationships, home decor, pinterest,  budgeting, etc.)
2. It needs to include lots of pictures. Let's face it, pictures just make everything a little more interesting and appealing :)
3. I ask that it be something original. Don't just copy and paste someone else's blog post, that's totally cheating!
4. Let me know at least 3 days before you would like to guest post.
5. Go to the "Contact Me" tab and shoot me an email
That's it! Can't wait to hear from you lovelies!

I'm linking up for another "It's Ok Thursday" with Amber and Neely and have to say this is one of the link-ups that I look forward to most each week :)

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...
... to be excited for your MIL's birthday for more than one reason. 1. we get to celebrate her. 2. Celebrations are So.Much.Fun and this is a great excuse to party, ha! 3. We are going to Kobe's, enough said.

... to be a proud new truck owner, even though I will never drive that huge thing in my life! Hubster got a new-to-us truck on Tuesday and I'm still getting used to that massive thing in my driveway

... to discover the "free" tab on Craiglist and want to pick up everything with said truck and have a massive garage sale!

... to have a freak-out moment because the hubster is turning 24 and that means in 5 months I will be too!

... to re-evaluate my entire life because I don't want to "be 30 with nothing to show for it". This has been the topic of the week at our house.

... to be happy/ uncertain/ worried/ very prayerful about yet another raise for the Hubster at work! I'm definitely glad about the raise part of it but with that also comes a ton of responsibility and he already has far too much on his plate (as I mentioned in this post)

... to have dreams that seem too huge to actually happen

... to not give up on those dreams because I know nothing is impossible for God :) 

Happy Thursday!
love always,


Becca Christensen said...

I think it's great to have big dreams...and knowing that everyone once in a while you'll fail, and being ready to pop back up is a good thing!


Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

I love that you are going for your dreams girl! And don't worry being 30 and having nothing to show for it lol, that cracks me up because I'm turning 30 next year and my goals were have my degree, get married, have my career and have one kid by the time I was 30..obviously the kid and career in works are in God's hands so I just take life as it comes and celebrate the things I have accomplished :-)
I would love to guest post sometime,after my big event for work is over in a few weeks I'll have more time for sure! xo

~nOe~ said...

love the fact you're open to guest posts!!
Hope to read some!!

Jenna said...

Raises.. new truck! You go girl! Hope your week is going fabulous!! Can't wait to see your "guest" bloggers! :)

Renee said...

I love the dreams Pins!!! They're fantastic!! I had the big 'achieve before 30' list too! I achieved a couple of them, then God had other plans for the rest!lol! Love your blog!

Amanda said...

I love that you have big dreams! I also love that your man got a new-to-you-guys vehicle. My boyfriend just got a new-to-him/us Jeep. And I'm still getting used to look for that in the parking lot instead of his silver sedan...

Candice said...

How exciting to have a new truck! Lol sounds silly, but I love them too!!
Thinking of you! Dreams are fickle things!!

today i said...

That would be great to write a guest post for you in the future!