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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Could I Forget...

Happy One-More-Day-Until-Friday Day!

I absolutely love this time of year from April to July because I can honestly say I am busy {not just pretending to be busy while I'm really just sitting around at home, ha!} every single weekend. I love all the baby showers, summer get-togethers and weddings that always happen in these spring/ summer months. Only downside: I get so caught up in the excitement that I forget to share all the update on le blog! So this is officially the "catch-up" post :)

Here's what I've been up to behind closed doors:
1. Made an Easter bunting banner! I just drew a huge X on scrap book paper, cut the X so it became 4 triangles to a page, used the cricut for my letters, a hole punch and some string. Oh, and my wonderful mod podge i.e. best glue ever! :)

realizing I should have used Windex...

2. I put together little Easter goodie bags for my neighbors with baked (from packages of course, ha!) cookies and a little note. Yes, I know I'm the sweetest neighbor ever. So kidding!

3. I just realized that I only revealed half of  the before/after of my craft room/office a few months ago on this post but here is the other messy side of the space:
our filing/ storage area

love these printables I got from Pinterest

the room. As you can see there is still quite a bit of organizing to be done!

We definitely have a ways to go before the office will be at its best but I'm just glad that all the furniture is up and we can actually use the room now!

4. I created a "Featured" button for all of my guest bloggers to take back to their blog with them! :)

If you would like to guest post just read the "Be My Guest" tab for info on how to get started!

5. Most exciting news of all! I'm actually in the midst of creating several DIY projects at the moment so those posts will be up in the next couple weeks! I absolutely love crafting and that passion just keeps on growing. Who knows, maybe one day I will be a craft queen and start my own blog for it {it's fun to dream!}

love always,


Monica said...

how fun!! I love those little baggies :)

Lauren said...

Love your banner girl & the easter goodies, such a cute idea :-) Can't wait to see more!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I like you have a Cricut.

(Love my Cricut...wish I more time to use it.)

You ARE a sweet neighbor. Want to move to my 'hood? You can go to the beach with me...and eat lobster...Miami style. ;)

Jordan said...

Love the printables from pinterest..they're so cute!
And I love the storage idea with the square shelves!

Jamie said...

I love those printables from Pinterest! And your banner and sweet neighbor gifts as well!

Just hopping over from It's OK Thursday :)


Angie said...

Those little Easter baggies are too cute & such a sweet idea :)

Your office looks really good!

Have a nice weekend :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

The printables are pretty awesome!

Erica said...

How creative and awesome is the easter banner. I would never have thought of that...its super cute!!! The office looks nice and I love the cubes for storage!