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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Hate Surprises

Ok, so that title isn't entirely true because I do love being surprised with chocolate, jewelry, money/ gift cards, vacations to exotic (or even not-so-exotic) places, home decor... you get the drift.
 However, all these "surprises" I have been getting from my social networks are definitely not putting a smile on my face. Call me a creature of habit, but I feel like I was just getting used to the way things were when the rug was completely ripped out from under me! Did any of you wake up today, go to blogger, login and get the worst surprise ever i.e. the new layout? Ugh I can't stand changes!  

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....
... to use your blog as a platform to rant about things that just make you want to pull your hair out {but only once in a while!}

... to feel that Timeline on Facebook is a form of social media punishment

... to be bursting with excitement for the weekend all week but when Saturday finally comes, to want nothing more than to sleep the day away :/

... to wish I knew exactly what God's plan was for my life, but then realize how incredibly dangerous that would be!

... to miss being in school and constantly learning new things

... to see my hubby doing homework and instantly remember why I was so happy on graduation day! No more papers to write (at least not for a while!)

... to almost want to cry when I finally hung up my diploma this weekend, even though it was 4 months after I graduated {thanks hubster for the fab frame!}

... to be an addict of Apple products! Can't wait til iphone 5! :)

... (not OK) to wait until the day of a party at my house before I start cleaning! 

... to be planning two vacations ahead. I live for traveling!

love always,


Kat said...

Hi Asha! Thanks for following me! I too love to be in school! I work at a college so it is very difficult not signing up for classes all the time!

Laura said...

My blogger didn't change, but timeline felt like a slap in the face!

Lauren said...

Haha I totally agree! I got my diploma back from my inlaws last weekend can't wait for hubs to hang it in time for my bday party :-)

Monica said...

I am the same way about Saturdays! And trust me you do not miss homework!

Jamie said...

I was just telling my husband the same thing about school the other day. I graduated 3 years ago, and have thought about getting started on my Master's, but when I see him working on his homework/papers all the time, I remember why I'm glad I'm not in school anymore!

Brandy said...

Timeline of FB makes me nuts! Plus, for some reason everyone on my timeline are people I hardly know!

Kristin said...

Ugh, the new blogger format has made me want to pull my hair out several times in the last two weeks. And Facebook? It just gets more ridiculous with time. You're not the only one, girl!

Life With Lauren said...

I am all for more sleep! With you on the changes hate that!