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Friday, April 20, 2012


In case you were wondering, I am not referring to Adele's song, "Rumour Has It",ha!
Actually I have some cell phone debates going on in my mind and thought who else to discuss it with than my oh-so-intelligent blogger friends! 

So here's the ish I'm facing at the present time:
1. I want the iPhone
2. I have T-mobile (no iphones to be found there!)
3. My hubby wants to switch to Sprint because they have unlimited everything (yay they have the iphone)
4. My plan is officially ended with T in November but I can leave for $100 in May.
5. I am one of the most impatient people I know!
Ok, so that all sounds fine and dandy but here's where I am stumped:
I heard through the online grapevine that the iphone 5 may be coming out in either June or October from the articles here, here, and here. I also heard that it will have a new body design and gorilla glass so it will be less breakable, so in other words my heart is set on this little chunk of metal, ha!

BUT if it turns out to be available in June, should I pay the $100 to leave T-mobile and rush to get the phone then? To be honest, I'm kind of hoping this is the case because I.Hate.Waiting!
OR if it doesn't come out in June, should I just get the 4S so my hubby can switch over and make sure we still get unlimited and just miss out on the 5?
OR wait til October, and then wait the extra month until my contract expires so I don't have to pay termination fees? The dilemma with waiting until October is that Sprint may not still offer the unlimited plan by then (just as Verizon & ATT already removed theirs) and we could potentially miss out on those savings.
 Ughh how I hate grown-up decisions!
 And if you can't already tell, I'm not the hugest risk-taker out there.
I didn't even ride a roller coaster until I was in high school.

What would you do???
 Oh, and if you heard any other rumors about the iphone 5 I'm all ears :)

just for is Adele's song and even though it's supposed to be serious and talks about cheating and all that jazz, me and the hubster can't help but laugh out loud at the "rumour has it" parts! Yea, I realize it's probably just us who do that...

love always,


Jessica Renee said...

I've had Sprint for years and love it! I honestly haven't heard of them taking away their unlimited plans and I think if they did they would still try to have the most affordable plans because they don't want to lose all their subscribers! Ronnie and I want new phones too and are SO impatient so I understand.. but if I were you, I'd wait until your contract runs out. I think you'll feel much better not having the extra $ to get out of it and then you can go with whatever carrier is most affordable at that time!

Jessica Renee said...

not having SPENT the extra $*

Monica said...

I'm with Jessica Sprint probably isnt going anywhere with the unlimited stuff, its what is bringing them so many iphone users! I would say try to hold out till your contract is over, plus by then the 5's wont be completely sold out everywhere like they will when they are released

Holly said...

Ohhh tough one! I want an iPhone too but if I want it now I would have to pay retail price. So instead I'm waiting til September when I'm eligible for an upgrade (stupid Verizon). It's been a looong wait!

Lauren said...

I have Verizon and BB so I'm NO help lol but I do love that song too ;-)

Katie said...

I would say pay the early termination fees, and get in on the unlimited plan before it goes away. A month or two of overage fees (and let me tell you - its SO easy to go over - I went over in the first month), and you'll pay that $100 and then some! Although the gorilla glass sounds awesome, generally you dont want to get in on a brand new version because they have kinks to work out. The 4s is good. I've dropped mine several times, and keep it in a cramped purse and (knock on wood) it's fine. Get yourself an otterbox, and you'll be even better off.

Katie said...

PS - we never thought that Verizon would be stupid enough to get rid of unlimited plans, but they did, and it was sudden. Luckily since my husband was already on one, and we had a family plan, after I went over my data plan in the first month, they grandfathered me in. Now we both have it, and it's such a relief! Getting rid of unlimited plans is the thing to do lately - like banks adding on lots of new fees to what used to be free checking accounts. It's just how it is - it's costing them too much to have unlimited.

Lane R said...

I don't think Sprint's unlimited plan is going anywhere. It is their main draw. I also don't think the new iPhone will be out until Sept/Oct. We have Sprint now and I am able to get a new phone in July, but I am going to wait for the new iPhone. If it were me I wouldn't pay the additional fee.

Krystal said...

I'd say pay the $100 and get the 4S for now! I just have the 4 but I've had it for over a year now and got it refurbished for just $99. When I'm eligible to upgrade, I'll get the newest phone but it wasn't that big of a deal to me to have the 4S versus the 4! An iphone is an iphone and you will LOVE it.

InTheLoveandLaughter said...

I haven't upgraded to a smart phone yet, please post a review once you decide on what you get. but it is always good to see how something performs before you buy it i would check out some tech reviews before going into the 5 what is the upgrades and are they really worth it.

thanks for entering my giveaway. love your blog!!!

Kristin said...

I just got the 4 on Verizon the other night and LOVE IT!! I am so happy to no longer have a blackberry.

My boyfriend said the iPhone 5 will be out in the can always wait until your contract is up and not renew with tmobile and get it then. i waited 4 months for my iphone and it was well worth the wait (and trust me...even tho i complained, i am happy i waited!)

Kristin said...

Honestly, I'd wait and get the "older" model iPhone as soon as the new one comes out. It'll be loads cheaper! My story is that we have Verizon, there's no Verizon stores in Alaska (the phones work here using AT&T's towers). When we were in the lower 48 last fall, with MONTHS to go on my contract, we opted to add another line (with a new #) for $10+ data plan to our Family Plan so I could get an iPhone. I got a 4G right as the 4GS was coming out so mine was a little cheaper. Where there's a will, there's a way, Asha!