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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Morning Madness....

Happy Wednesday!

This really is a great Wednesday for me since I only have one more day of work because I have off for Good Friday :)

But if you had asked me how wonderful my day was when I arrived at 7:30am to work this morning I would have probably screamed at you to "just leave me alone!" You see, everything was bright and cheery as usual when I lifted my head from my pillow. I was awoken by my husband with a kiss despite my morning breath {that's true love right there!}, made juice for breakfast and got ready while listening to some parenting advice on the radio. So of course in my unsuspecting mind I thought, "Yay, another wonderful day in the neighborhood!"
Ohhh...I forgot that I can only control what I do, not what my sweet, loving, wonderful {75% of the time} coworkers can do. Let's just say 5 minutes after I walk into my office, I want to run out crying! I was completely berated by a fellow coworker and taken off my rainbows-and-butterflies cloud really quick! But just as fast as I felt the tears about to start falling, I reminded myself of how good and merciful God is and how as Matthew 6:14 says, "If you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you". I have said hurtful things to others so many times and God has always forgiven me so I have no right to wish the worst on this person just because they decided to take out their wrath on sweet innocent me {yea right!} this morning. But seriously, don't coworkers just have that amazing ability to bring out the cray-zee in you?! 

 So I'm bringing back the sunshine to my day by linking up with Michelle and Jamie for some of the things I'm craving to make for Spring that I discovered on my new fave site, Pinterest!

would love to make this with just a few bigger felt birdies :)

Made with kind of project!

Source: via Lynne on Pinterest

Source: via cayla on Pinterest

wish I had this Louis V. bag!!


love the cute bow on the shorts

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

cutest picture of them all...Westie puppies in the spring time! I would love to have one for Easter! :)

I definitely have a smile on my face now and hope that this brightened up your day too!

love always,


Nichole said...

That's a pretty good attitude to have. I don't know that I've ever been that patient when I'm working, lol.

Lauren said...

Love your great outlook girl, keep strong the day will get better ;-) LOVE those wreaths(still haven't made one lol) and that LV oh my!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dropping in from the link up!

Hope your day gets better, pretty!

Haley W. said...

that verse was the perfect one for your situation...thanks for reminding me of it, as well!!

and I l-o-v-e to bake..and those flower pot brownies are now on my list of things TO bake! ;)

oh, and that nursery sign..hahahah!

Holly said...

Love your attitude! Keep having a great day, girlie! Oh and I love your pins too especially that outfit and the puppies :)

Sugarr2518 said...

That outfit is totally adorable! I'm loving teal, so that bag is the best:) Those cupcakes are neat! I haven't seen anything like them. Hoping you have a great day!!!

Monica said...

OOh coworkers...happens all the time! As long as you are able to not let it ruin your day! I love all the pins!

Katie said...

I LOVE these! Especially all the cute craft ideas!

Erica said...

I love your positive outlook. I also love all the spring pictures!!Those cupcakes look delish!

Jamie said...

Those gray shorts are cute!

Julie Merryman said...

Loving all your spring pins! The cupcakes are too darn cute and I am in love with the polka dot wreath. Too pretty.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

Sarah said...

Those brownies are the CUTEST thing ever! Hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Hi! Stopping in from Lauren's blog. :)

Co-workers can definitely be nasty. I used to work with a less than wonderful woman (that's all I say to describe her). Then, I had a baby and left. Yes! Haha. Anyway, I have four words to prevent nasty co-workers: be your own boss. (Not always easy in its own right, but works for me!)

I'm so glad you were able to bring scripture to mind to hold yourself together. (It does have that power!)

Love all these Pinterest finds. :) Hope you've had a better week!