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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gifting Guru {or not}

Happy Wednesday!
My mom pretty much owns the month of May between Mother's Day on the 13th and her birthday on the 7th! So in other words, this is one of the hardest months of the year for me, ha! It's hard enough coming up with one gift to get her...but two is nearly impossible. Unless I was a gift-finding guru, which sadly I'm not.

So, I'm leaning on my trusty friend, Pinterest, to give me some of her (of course she is a girl) limitless insight on finding/ creating the perfect presents {plus funny mother-related paraphernalia}.

Source: via Angels on Pinterest

I joke, I joke! Haha :)

Source: via Rico on Pinterest

Source: via Marilyn on Pinterest

Have you thought about what to get your mom for Mother's Day yet?

love always,


Holly said...

Aww I love all the Mom pins! Some great gift ideas too. Love all the picture gifts, my mom always seems to like those :)

Jazmine said...

I still don't know what to get my mother. But all of these are great ideas.

Jessica Renee said...

Aww Ronnie's birthday is the 7th too! :) I love all the pins too, I'm sure you'll come up with something great for your mom!

My mom loves stationary so I got her a lined notebook personalized with pictures of Violet on the front (duh! lol) and then I'm getting her a pretty necklace from Bauble Bar. Not sure what else yet!

Jessica Sieberg said...

i am in the same situation as you.. I have NO idea what to get mom for mothers day!!!


Angie said...

I just wrote on my calander today "Go Mother's Day Shopping". I think I'm gonna get my momma a pair of Sperry's that she has been wanting!