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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Empty Space}

I feel like I am staring at a blank wall.
Probably because I am!
Danny and I have lived in our house for 1 year and almost 5 months now but we still don't have a picture hanging in our living room! Why? Well, let's just say we are two of the pickiest people on earth when it comes to the type of art we like to display and have a pretty large wall to decorate. But being newlyweds,{fairly} new homebuyers, and with the hubster back in school we really don't have the funds to get the artwork we would truly desire. However, we have come to the consensus that we desperately need to fill in the large boring space over our couch and have begun the seemingly endless search for finding the "perfect" wallet-friendly piece.
Here is our naked wall (sad isn't it?):

Thanks to Kirklands, JC Penney, Target and Homegoods here are some great wall decor items we found and, more importantly, can afford:
These 3 are from

 And these 3 are from Target:

As you can tell, we are into the abstract pieces, mainly because they can still be used regardless of if we decide to change up our furniture.

Here is the BIG question:
Which piece of artwork would you choose??

love always,


Lauren said...

Just noticed we have the same type of ledge space in our living room! I feel like we need some wall decor above our tv just can't decide what either lol.

Brooke said...

These are all good choices! I would choose the first or third one from Target, or else the first one from Kirklands.

Jessica said...

We're in the same boat but we've been in our house for 3 years!!! We're just now figuring out what we want (and we've looked at most of the same art work!!!)

Angie said...

They are all beautiful but if I was choosing I think the 3rd from Target is my favorite!

Jamie said...

We have been in our house about the same amount of time, and we still haven't hung anything up on the wall our TV is on! I like either the second piece from Kirklands or the second piece from Target.

Jordan said...

I love the first one from kirkland's! I think it would go great with the furniture and the rest of the decor that I can see! Have a great week :)

tara said...

oohh i like them all! i think i'd pick the first or third from target!

Kristin said...

We have nothing BUT blank walls in our house! But it's a rental and I don't want to invest in any too permanent and the options in Alaska kinda suck/are too expensive. Those abstract pieces are cute, but I love country decor and I can't find it here. For YOUR living room, I like the middle one from Target. Reminds me of bubbles.

Candice said...

Ooooooh! The first from Kirklands! it's so interesting! A fantastic conversation starter!!
But if you're after something a little more homely and classic, probably the 3rd from Target

Nichole said...

LOVE the 2nd and 5th ones!!