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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Learning a Thing or Two


I feel like I have been away from you friends for so long, and trust, you have definitely been missed!
So here's the scoop around hur (ghetto way of saying 'here' hehe!)...

I'm learning how to design my blog....step-by-step! So far I have changed my background to the lovely beige damask print, created a button (yes, I know it's pretty amateur), customized my "about me" blurb on the left <-- and am currently in the process of making a header from scratch!
Gotta love photoshop, amiright?!
I pinky promise that I will start on some tutorials to show you how to DIY your blog as well :)

Now for the FUN stuff....some of my faves from Pinterest!

Source: via kirby on Pinterest

Source: via Fem on Pinterest

Source: via shelia on Pinterest

love always,


Lauren said...

Love all your pins girl, especially that last bedroom, swoon! :-)

Haley W. said...

Ahh that is so awesome!! Can't wait for the DIY tutorials :)

That e-card pin...hahaha!

Kristin said...

I adore that Mother Teresa quote. It's perfect for so many situations.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

The "anyway" quote never gets old. And the dog pic? Made me laugh out loud. I have a Golden Retriever...remember? ;) She is the queen of carrying things in her mouth, whether they should be there or not. Lol.

Sarah said...

Those bouquets are so pretty! Great pins!

Miranda said...

haha that dog pin just made me laugh out loud! and i love those rings! so cute!

Nichole said...

I want that bedroom!! And I still don't know how to make a button so you're not the last person out there! LOL