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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mid-week Madness!

Since I'm off having fun, I thought I would share some smiles with you as well :)
These pictures should do the trick:

Knowing me I would  just stand there and die rather than running another 10 yards, being out of breath and still dying!

Not that I ever watched the show...

Do they know my mom? Just kidding, mom!

This is ALWAYS me!

Source: via Illy on Pinterest

Source: via Illy on Pinterest

love always,


Emily said...

Oh my! All of these made me laugh! I think my favorite is the surprise hug one though, so funny!

Katie said...

My motto has always been "There is no good reason to run unless someone is chasing you down, and even then, only if there is a reasonable chance you'll get away."
I just don't get running. Of course, I have horrible knees, ankles and apparent tendonitis in my calf, so... yea. Me and running are not friends.

Life With Lauren said...

I needed this today! So funny the first one is dead on!

Lauren said...

Love all these funny pins as always :-)

Kristin said...

That pug made me laugh out loud.

Monica said...

Great Pins! Love Love the first one!

Jo said...

:) ... thanks!

J and A said...

These are great!! :)