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Thursday, July 19, 2012

There's a First Time for Everything! - Vacation Pt. 2

 If you want to experience Oregon to the fullest, you really should hire my dad as your tour guide! We (mainly Daniel) experienced so many firsts in the 6 days that we were there than I have learned/seen/taken pictures of in months!

Here are some of the things that took him by surprise...

1. He saw mountains for the first time in real life!

2. There were waterfalls galore (literally around just about every bend on the scenic routes)

3. Got a gun....well, a water gun (i.e. the only type he will ever have!)

4. Funny story: Danny's coworkers all warned him to watch for bears while on the trip. So on every trail he was just a little paranoid of running into one {or God forbid, more than one!} bear, haha! Well before we left he actually saw TWO real bears!

5. saw the Columbia river...and drove over it :)


7. Stood in a cave
8. Largest new/ used bookstore in the world
FUN FACT: Powell's contains over 4 million books and takes up an entire city block!

9. Saw a bathroom on a street corner
how convenient! Just step out of your car and right into the potty room haha!
10. Gorgeous rose gardens in full bloom

11. Found an old fort on one of many trails we walked

12. Crater Lake = a lake inside the crater of a volcano!

13. Touched the pacific ocean

**BONUS: here are just a few random firsts for me while in OR...
1. sat inside whale bones
my Jonah moment...inside the belly of a whale LOL

2. discovered my first gray hair!! Noooo!! (and I realize that was TMI...whatevs haha!)
3.wore running shoes for an entire week...I haven't done that since middle school!
notice the shoes are about to go on the wrong feet? Still haven't learned LOL
So that pretty much sums up our trip to Oregon {and saves you from having to see about 300 other pictures we took while there}!

love always,


Michelle said...

I love your pictures! So pretty.

Lauren said...

Awesome pictures, girl! Looks like a beautiful place to visit :-)

Lane said...

Crater Lake is beautiful. It is on our travel bucket list.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I can't believe how soon I will be there too!

♥ Shia

Faith said...

Love the pictures!! Looks like a great trip!

Angie said...

I had no idea Oregon had such beauty to offer. Looks like a wonderful vacation. Love all the photos!!!

blackberryfashion said...

Amazing pictures. Mountains are so pretty :) I love sightseeing :)
I'm your new follower :)