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Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5 - All the Details!

The iPhone 5 is finally here!
I no longer have to be the crazy person who, for the past 6+ months, has been frantically googling "iPhone 5 release date" and literally having dreams about owning an iPhone. I know that was TMI to the extreme but I just can't contain my excitement!

For a while I was actually contemplating getting an Android (the Samsung Galaxy) because they have sold far more devices in the past year than Apple has and they had a lot to offer. But it's clear that Apple has really stepped up their game in the the mobile phone market and is getting an edge on the playing field with the 5. Here are some things I'm loving about it, and some major reasons why I'm glad I didn't give in and get the 4S (although that phone is still amazing)!
  1. 4-inch display. All I can say is FINALLY! I love that they kept the same width so it's still easy to text one-handed but have added the extra height to make watching movies and playing games that much more fun.
  2. Turn-by-turn navigation. I was more than a little jealous of my Android-owning friends when it came to this because it was so frustrating having to constantly direct my husband. Now the little voice in the iPhone 5 can do all the work for me :)
  3. Panorama Camera. The iPhone has an even better camera than before, and now with panoramic capabilities. Pictures just became even more fun!
  4. Thinnest Smart Phone ever. I like that it's thin because it makes the phone a little less "present". You can concentrate on what needs to get done without having to feel the weight of it in your palm. Make sense?
  5. Longer Battery Life. Granted, the battery life is only a couple hours longer than the 4S. But every little bit makes a difference, right?
  6. Lightning Charger. I am really digging this new wave of chargers that Apple has just introduced. And the fact that it is reversible makes plugging my phone in while already half-asleep that much easier. ha!
  7. Siri got a social life! Siri is no longer a boring old woman. She knows all the deets on sports and movies and can even give you averages and recommend releases!
  8. Flyover. So you pick a place and you can "fly" over it and see it at all angles. Genius!
  9. New Earbuds. This one may sound trivial but I love the new ergonomically-designed earbuds. I don't know if the insides of my ears are just odd, but the old earbuds never fit quite right for me and I always had to buy separate ones so I'm thrilled about this new change.
  10. The casing. This new iphone is just plain hot to look at. It's so sleek, slim and the aluminum/glass backing is such a gorgeous sight.Plus, the price is the same as the 4S!

So what do you think of the iPhone 5?  Do you think it will give Apple a much-needed advantage over the Android?


Michelle said...

I'm definitely getting it! I've been waiting for what seems like forever for it.

Lauren said...

I love my Iphone 4 but hubs is going to trade his 4 in already and get the 5! When do you get yours? I know you must be so stoked!!!! :-) The turn by turn navigation is def awesome so I thought about upgrading it's only $100 more to get it decisions lol! :-)

Jessica Renee said...

Fun!! I know everyone is in love with their iPhones! ;) I have an Android, the new HTC Evo. I think I just love it because I'm a Google girl. haha