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Monday, September 24, 2012

Let the voting begin!

I have been thinking a lot about this little 'ol blog and how far it has come in the last year and a half.
I know it may not be impressive to many that I have 173 followers, but HOLY COW, I have 173 followers!! It's still so amazing and exciting to think even one person would choose to read this blog.

So to keep things spicy around here I've decided to change my blog name!

After way longer than it should have taken, I finally came up with 3 different name choices I will possibly change my blog to. I created a poll on the left side of my blog (right under my "About Me") and I would love more than anything for you to vote on which one you like the best!

Here are the names and why I chose each one:

1. Musings of a Mixed Girl - I am half indian and half white. This is combination of backgrounds makes up such a HUGE part of who I am.

2. An Absurb Assortment - I love the letter "A", what can I say :) And I also think it pretty much summarizes everything about my blog and myself!

3. The Dansha Diaries - This one may sound a little odd (as if the other 2 don't!) but Daniel + Asha = Dansha! That's where the name comes from and I love that it represents my marriage to the perfect man in the world for me :) 

I know this isn't the traditional way of choosing a blog name, but hey, there's not that much "traditional" about me to begin with.

If you like I would also appreciate if you leave me a comment on why you think the name you voted on is the best.

p.s. - thank you in advance for voting!!!!

love always,


Jessica Renee said...

Cute names!! I really like the 3rd one!! Or totally changing one of your ideas up, Mixed Up Memoirs? Either way I know you'll choose something totally perfect for you!

and congrats on the 173!!

Krystal said...


Lauren said...

I like the first one but with Mixed and something else like Jessica says, I don't know. I love your blog name now haha so hard for me to choose :-)

All you need is love said...

I like them all but I love Memoires of a mixed girl!

Haley W. said...

Ahh I can't decide between Memoirs of a Mixed Girl and The Dansha Diaries..they're both so CUTE! But I'm gonna go cast my vote now...still don't know which one I'm gonna choose yet though! ;)

Malo said...

I like The Dansha Diaries!