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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Day Can Change Everything...

... so imagine what 30 days can do!

I don't know whether it's because I am alone all day and my thoughts have plenty of room for wandering, or whether I'm realizing that next year I will be the big 2-5 and don't want to go into it like this. Or maybe just that I'm tired of always being the procrastinator and the one who has an endless supply of excuses for why I "can't" or "won't".

Regardless of what the reason may be, I have decided to make some major changes in my physical, spiritual, and even blog life!

Physical - I just started the "30 Day Shred" by Jillian Michaels on top of my regular gym workouts! It sounded like such a great and simple idea, do more cardio and get healthier faster.
But OMG this lady is making me kick my own butt (seriously, that's one of the workouts)!

Spiritual - Danny and I have just started reading an amazing book for couples and I highly recommend it. Becoming Soul Mates by Les and Leslie Parrott is a series of 52 mini-sessions that you read with your mate once a week for a year. Every session has it's own topic and includes a scripture reference, real-life couple's story, and a list of questions for you and your spouse to ask each other.

Blog - If you didn't read yesterday's post, I am making a HUGE change to my will have a new name very soon (unless I completely change my mind and stick with the name I have)!! I've come up with 3 new names that I'm completely torn between. You can go here to find out why I chose each one and then please, please, PLEASE vote on the left side of my page for which name you like best!!

Have a great day!

love always,


Haley W. said...

Omg girl...I just started the 30 day shred YESTERDAY and I am already feeling it. Can you say OUCH?! I wanted to slap JM about 312538646 times during that short 30 minutes...ha!

Laura said...

Change is exciting! Good for you!

Lauren said...

Awesome,the book idea is just awesome :-) Hope you enjoy it!

KatSnF said...

Love Jillian! And girl how tall are you for wanting to weigh 115?? Word from your new big sis: set a size or inch goal, weight is just a #! I'm 119 btw and 5'2" ;) and anytime you want to run lmk!

Xoxo, Kat