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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Want Success? Get Mobile!

Mobility is what makes the world go round these days, and no, I'm not advertising for the Hoveround Scooter haha!

Getting your site mobile can be all it takes to double (or even triple) how many readers you have of your blog. I actually saw the difference immediately when I looked back on my site traffic from the month before and the month after I enabled the mobile view option in Blogger!

Creating mobile websites is super easy even if they aren't hosted through Blogger and there are tons of sites out there that can give even your professional sites a mobile viewing option. Sites such as can make the transition to mobile viewing so much easier and they even offer blogging tips as well. as Mobile viewing makes it easy and simple for your facebook friends, twitter followers and even random readers to find your blog and stay connected with you.

If you haven't enabled your blog to mobile, you are seriously missing out on a super easy opportunity to reach tons more readers. And we all know more readers equals more potential followers or subscribers to your blog. So do it now! :)

Have a great day!

love always,

1 comment:

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Even though your post wasn't about the motor scooter I just had to share, where I live I literally see at least 5 people a day traveling around in their motor scooters...crossing big roads, going for their's strange, really.

Yay for mobile blogs!