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Friday, October 19, 2012


I sincerely apologize for, yet again, using a title that probably made you 99% sure I was having a kid. But seriously, I have BIG NEWS people and you are hopefully, please say "yes" going to love it!

I'm starting a brand spanking new Link-Up  Party!!!
It's called "2 Truths & a Lie Tuesdays" and will start THIS Tuesday, 10/23!
So why did I start it?
I love learning about my blog friends and I also love cheesy getting-to-know-you games so why not combine the two for a creative and entertaining experience on one of the most insignificant days of the week, haha!

All you have to do is grab my link-up button, list two true statements that have anything at all to do with getting to know you better {can be about your job, family, embarrassing moments, basically anything at all from the day you were born until the Tuesday you link-up} and one false statement {have fun with this one}! At the end of your post just let us now which one was the lie. It will be fun guessing and getting to know one another a lot better :)
Here is what the button looks like that you can find on the sidebar of my blog:
Asha's aspects

Now here are some letters I just had to write before ending this week:
Dear Husband,  I love you and our life together. As crazy, spontaneous, dramatic and hilarious it can be at times, it's all worth it that much more because I have you by my side :)

Dear Dad,  I played Dominoes more times with you in the past week than I have for the last 5 years! And I enjoyed every minute of it :) Can't wait to celebrate your "just because" party with you tonight - even if you are adamantly against being the center of attention!

Dear New Work Friends, you guys make my days of being home alone from 8-5 so much better! Your random comments and encouragement mean so much to me and I feel like I've known you all forever even though we have yet to meet face-to-face!

Dear Blog Friends, please join me for the new link-up party on Tuesday. Seriously, it would be more than a little sad if my link is the only one listed for my party. I already know myself better than anyone, haha! Have a great weekend :)

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Jo said...

Bring on Tuesday!

Lauren said...

Sounds like fun :-)

Laura said...

I loath Tuesdays but this might make it better! Drafting my first one now :)

Denise said...

This sounds so fun! I'm linking up! :)