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Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's to a {fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants} New Year!

It's New Year's Eve... {not sure what punctuation to end that statement with}
The end of the year is always such an uncertain time for my mind. On one hand I'm ecstatic to be receiving a "fresh start" of sorts and on the other hand, I always feel that sense of un-accomplishment in one area or another. Do ya know what I mean?

Technically January 1st is just another day in our lives but there is SO much pressure that we create for ourselves on that date - and I'm no different when it comes to that!

I can't tell you how long I have had the same goals for myself year after year and still have yet to accomplish them {that sucks!} but along the way I have achieved so many awesome, amazing and completely unplanned things in my 24 years of life too.

So my point in the above random paragraphs is this....for 2013 I am vowing that I will not place the pressures of goals and resolutions upon myself. I will just live each day to the fullest.
Whether that means I run 1 mile or 10, whether I have that slice of cake or restrain myself,  I will try to do the very best for myself that I can.

And hopefully along the way I will end up losing those 30 pesky pounds I gained after getting married, will run my first race, and will finally start a business with the hubby.

But if not - hey, there's always next year!

I wish you all a New Year filled with happiness, joy and lots of yummy food! ;)


Erica said...

I absolutely agree! I have always made new years resolutions but this year, I am choosing Happiness over making them. I wish you and Daniel the best!! Happy New Year! Erica

Mrs. Adventure said...

I couldn't agree more, live while we can forget the 'plan'. To bad you don't live closer we could thrift together :o)

Happy New Year Dude!

PS: Comment Moderation Sucks. XO.

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

So sweet! Stopping by from Sugar and Dots to say hello. Enjoy the first weekend of 2013! XO