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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year = New You!

It's 2013!
This year I plan on trimming my waist and fattening up my wallet.
Ok, who doesn't want that?!

I've decided that this blog has been "in the dark" for so long when it comes to my personal goals, so this year I will share my personal journey to gaining income and losing weight! Here's a bit of what's to come:

1. Get Fit! Last year the hubby and I both weighed far more than we ever have before. And it's something we refuse to carry on to the end of this upcoming year. So we made an investment into our bodies and purchased new running shoes for each other; the Brooks Pure Cadence and they are amazing! As chubby as we are, those shoes still make us feel like we are floating. If that's not amazing I don't know what is. Ha!
In the past we have lost a combined total of 95 pounds in just 3 short months by running, but unfortunately gained that all back plus more when we got married :( Good news is, we know if we could do it once then we can do it again!
  If you are trying to shed the weight, I recommend being accountable to someone. I know there are the rare few who can motivate themselves but for the rest of us, nothing helps more than knowing you are letting someone else down by not getting your butt out there and working out.

2. Save Smart! As for my plans to "fatten up the wallet", that too comes with having Daniel hold me accountable. I love pretty {and unfortunately expensive} things! I still can't manage to take myself off the Coach, Tiffany & Co, or countless other mailing lists. But sometimes just "browsing" is enough to satisfy. Keyword being "sometimes" :)

However, in the 3 short months since I have started working full-time again, we have been able to save literally thousands of dollars! Of course, this comes at a price but I am finally ready to share our saving secrets!

3. Couponing Tips & Tricks! I have just begun couponing and to be honest I was very skeptical (as was the hubby) about this because I have always been taught "bargains empty the pockets" but here is my 2nd couponing trip to CVS from last night and it only cost $6!!! Let's just say, I'm a believer and I will show you how to become one too :)

I got 4 Pantene Pro-v shampoos & conditioners, 3 Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioner, 2 Dawn Handsoaps, Tampax Pearl (18-count), and the M&Ms were completely free!


Jess said...

Would SO love to know how you got all that for $6! I really want to get into couponing but just scares me a little how much work it takes haha!

Lauren said...

Awesome goals with the getting fit & saving :-) You can do it!

Faith said...

Great goals! I too need to tighten the waist and fatten the wallet :)

Good luck to both of us!

Happy new year!

Monica said...

Awesome goals!! I need to do both of those as well. I have already figured out ways to make the most of living here in China and still save I just need to actually use those ways. That is a lot for $6 amazing!

Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

I love your goals! I am definitely trying to fatten up my wallet and skinny my wasitline as well... it's so tough but the perfect time to start in the New Year! Hope all is well! XOXO