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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are We Ever Done Learning?

Of course the answer to my title is an adamant, "NO!"
Life is all about learning; whether it's discovering a new recipe or being forced to find out how to change a light bulb (hopefully we all know how to do that by now ;) so as not to be 'left in the dark'.

For the society in which we live there is also a constant need to continue our educations more than ever before. 20 years ago a high school diploma was more than sufficient for starting most entry level jobs. But today if you plan on earning even slightly higher than minimum wage they would like to see some credentials above and beyond a diploma.

I still remember the difficulty of deciding what my major would be. In my young 18-year-old mind that decision was a life-changing commitment. And we all know how teens and commitment go together: they don't!

I waited until the very last moment before declaring my major in Communications and those were a long four five years! The travel just to get to each class was killer, especially while balancing a full-time job and getting married while still attending classes!

The good news these days is that there are tons of online options for many of the same degrees. There are courses with anything from business, accounting, counseling and even marketing courses online. Having those options makes it so much easier to balance everyday life with getting higher education.

Have any of you ever taken online classes? Do you think it was easier to learn on our own or did you do better in a classroom setting?

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Candice said...

Oh amen!!
Talk about a commitment-phobe when it comes to anything career related!! I just turned 22 and am crapping my pants (excuse the crude term) because I still haven't even finished my Bachelors!! The thought of committing was just too much!! Kicking myself now!
Thankfully - I'm heading back to NZ in a couple weeks to finally get my degree in Art History and Communications...but I know that that won't quite be enough. I'll have to go for my masters if I want a career in Art Therapy like I do :/
I have tried online courses but definitely thrive better in a classroom situation.

Atif Ahmed said...

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Sapir @ The Sapphire Queen said...

I'm in college right now, but I commute to school and have DEFINITELY taken my fair share of online courses! I agree, they just make college more convenient!
I found your blog from the GFC blog hop and started following you in GFC! Can't wait to read more :)

Sugar Aunts said...

Hi We are your newest follower from the Sunday blog hop. Would love a follow in return! I have taken online continuing education courses, and once having kids, it is totally the way to go!

Sugar Aunts said...

oops, sorry, here is the direct link to :)

Irfan Butt said...

newest follower from the blog hop. Would love a follow in return!