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Monday, January 14, 2013

December Recap in the Middle of January!

So I got an app on my phone called "Project 365", I'm sure a lot of you use it as well...but I love it! You take a pic every single day and it goes into the calendar. You can also add short captions for your pics to help you remember where they were taken, what you were doing, or why the heck a picture of a random house is on your phone!

Here's a picture-app recap of my last month in 2012 :)

Didn't get the app until the 3rd/3-mom's holiday decor/4-Dixie's Tupperware Party Show/5-Datz Blogger Meetup/6-House Hunting/7-made my 1st macrame bracelet/8-driving to see Christmas lights/9-Church christmas party/ 10-made my own phone case/11-Red Lobster for 2nd Anniversary/12-made a monogram/ 13 - started planning the bestie's baby shower/14 - about to order Firehouse Subs for the 1st time/15 - Christmas parties/ 16- saw the Hobbit in 3D

17- ordering baby shower cards/18-lights at Chick-Fil-A/19 & 20 - DIY baby shower decor/21- found an old love letter I wrote to Danny/ 22 - gave blood for the 1st time! /23 - christmas play at church/ 24 - Christmas Eve with the family/ 25 - Christmas with both sides of the family/ 26 - sick - hubs brought chicken soup/ 27 - my mom's tea that did wonders for my flu / 28 - new phone case / 29 - sick day watching Toddlers & Tiara's marathon/ 30 - getting back to healthy eating / 31 - NYE attire
So that was the end of 2012 in pictures! I'm thinking about doing a once-a-month link-up where we can all share our month in pictures. What do you think?

p.s. - don't forget to link up with Erica and I for week 2 of "Simply Positive Tuesdays"tomorrow!

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Lauren said...

How fun, I need to do this! :-)