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I'm a 20-something happily-married USF grad from the Sunshine State. I love Jesus, real estate, traveling, beauty/ makeup products, home decorating and DIY projects. Follow along for fun product reviews, giveaways and more!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simply Positive Tuesdays - Week 6

Happy Tuesday!

  Here we go for our 6th week of staying positive! Thank you all so much for joining us every week :)

Being Positive is all about seeing the glass half full while others see it half empty.  Life is full of challenges and obstacles and we usually face them with a frown on our faces. However, to change that we must start being the optimistic person who sees problems differently than others.
Miscellaneous Ramblings

A few of the things that have kept me uplifted this week were:
  • ONE WEEK LEFT before baby Jiovanni comes into this world! Can't be more excited for m bestie Isabel and her hubby :)
  • Danny and I are working on strengthening our marriage by spending more quality time together and had the most wonderful time enjoying the sunset at the park this weekend. It's the small things :)

  •  I have been keeping up with the couponing and even used 11 newspapers this week - my most ever! My hands are throbbing but my wallet is thrilled.
  • Only FOUR more days til we are headed to Miami. Holla!
  • Here is a quote I love: "Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles." And quite a few big ones too ;)
So now it's your turn to share what is keeping you positive this week!


Jo said...

It really is all about the little things!

Nichole said...

Love those sunset photos, it really is the small things! :)