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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family + WILW + Pinteresting Pics + Puppies!

Today has just been amazing! But that could be because I'm still high on the joyfulness of last night, haha! Danny, my mom and I had a great time together and were able to encourage each other and share ideas over dinner. It wasn't too bad getting to see my adorable doggies either :) It was bittersweet not having my dad there since he lives across the United States, in Oregon, as many of you may not be aware of, and he is always missed. Maybe one day I will go into all the details, you know on those days when I just can't take it and need to vent! But for now I'm ok and will stay that way by not going into it all  :)

Now for WILW!

I'm Liking that the forecast for this weekend is FINALLY cooler than 90 degrees :)

Weather for Tampa, FL

Partly CloudyPartly CloudyPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy


 I couldn't be more excited that the high is only 87 degrees!

I'm Liking havanese puppies, especially the one I saw at the pet store last weekend and completely fell in love with! I never even knew that such a dog existed but I'm so glad to have made that discovery. Here are some cute (havanese) puppy pics to brighten your day! I may or may not be getting one after graduation...we shall see :)


aren't they just the cutest little things?! And they only grow to be about 10 pounds!

 I'm Liking that Lauren is going to have a cap decorating party for all of the Communication major girls and that I get to graduate with all my friends in just over 2 months!

I'm Liking that thanks to my mom I don't have to worry about cooking for the rest of the week! (thanks, mom!)

I'm Liking that my BFF just celebrated her 2nd wedding anniversary and her & her hubby are doing some GREAT things for God together :) You can read all about it at Isabel's blog

As always, I'm LOVING my wonderful and supportive hubster (that name cracks me up every time!), Daniel!

I'm also linking up with Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting! It's amazing how much inspiration I gain from looking at the pins that my friends post and I have hundreds of creative ideas now, thanks to that site! Hopefully I will start on some DIY projects soon! Here are some neat-o (yes, I actually used that word!) Fall ideas:

perfect for a dinner outdoors!
I am soooo making this!

just use thumbtacks!
corn kernels, red beans & green split peas!
these would look great in a gazebo!

so pretty & easy to make!

 I can't wait to start on these projects and will definitely be posting some pics of how my version of these turn out!

 love always,



Anonymous said...

puppies just make everything better!

moderndaywife said...

Those puppies are SO cute! Love the pins too and of COURSE that you are excited for my cap decorating party, bring out the gold glitter lol! :-)

P! said...

Love your pins and love that you're loving so many lovable things (that's a lot of love- haha)! Those puppies are amazing... I may look more into that breed to see if Gizmo's new fur-brother could be one..?

Candice said...

Such fun pins! And those sweet puppies are to die for! Lovely, lovey post :)

Life With Lauren said...

Your dress was beautiful! And i want all the puppies:)