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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Can DIY it!!!

I have found a million and one do-it-yourself projects that I would like to attempt but with my crazy schedule I haven't had the chance to do even one measly little project! Until now, that is!
Over the weekend I made a ring holder and with A LOT of help from hubster I made an earring picture frame too! So, let's get started!

Here's what you need for the ring holder:
1. A box with a lid.
I used a jewelry box that was 5" long x 3" wide x 2" high because I don't really have that many rings. However, you could even use a small shoe box if you would like. It would just be a little more work!
2. Scotch Tape.
3. A Ruler (I got this one from New Zealand and it's made with all the different types of wood they have!)
4. An old magazine, or several, depending on how large you want to make your ring holder. I only used 1/2 a magazine.
5. Scissors
6. Pretty Fabric
Now, let's make it happen!

 *All steps will be according to the size of my box that I mentioned above.
 Step 1: 
  • cut about 5-8 pages at a time of the magazine into strips that are 3" across
  • measure 2" and fold until the entire strip is wrapped.
  • Repeat until there are enough of these folded strips to fill your box (I used about 12)
Step 2: 
  • Use scotch tape to secure the folded strip together.
Step 3:
  • wrap your fabric around each folded strip and secure with scotch tape
  • place each strip into the jewelry box after wrapping.
  • Repeat until the strips are tightly pressed against each other in the box.
All done!
Total Time: 15-20 minutes!
 I also made an earring holder from a picture frame, which is very easy and simple to do!

I wish I had taken pictures of the steps but all you really need is:
  • double-sided tape, a few small nails or super glue (or all 3 if you are like me!)
  • an old screen or some type of heavy-duty mesh fabric
  • scissors
  • a picture frame minus the glass and backing.
Step 1: measure the inside back of the frame and cut the mesh according to size. It's fine if you have a little extra mesh, you can always trim it later.
Step 2: attach the mesh to the frame with the use of either the tape, nails or glue.
Step 3: trim any excess mesh if needed.
Step 4 (optional): you can line the backing of the frame with a pretty fabric if you don't want it to be see-thru
Step 5: hang up all your pretty earrings!
Now for WILW!
I'm liking that the beach is the best spot for an afternoon picnic in the fall!
Danny and I went to Sand Key Beach over the weekend to spend some quality time together and loved the peace and serenity we found there. Here are some pics of us sitting on the rocks that overlook Clearwater Beach as we watched the boats go by. So nice!

our feet in the shade

sitting on a beach towel, enjoying our picnic

a pic of danny takinga pic LOL
 I'm liking all the new fall decor I got for the house! Here are a just a few of the things I found:

 I'm liking that there is only a little over a month before I graduate! Holy Cow!
I'm liking that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means I get plenty of time catching up with friends and family, plus lots of good food!
As always, I'M LOVING my sweet hubster, Daniel!

Happy Wednesday!

love always,


hannah. said...

I love what you're loving today! Hope you have a wonderful day! Come say hi!


David and Elizabeth said...

love your DIY projects!! i'll have to make the earring holder! so cute!

dottie said...

Love your DIY projects!

I am so jealous that you live there! We went to Clearwater Beach for a day and it was so windy we had to leave! :(

I just love Florida though!! My Husband's Grandma lives in Lake Wale's and his Aunt & Uncle have has a place in Estero. And we were married in Key West. Much better than MN!! He just tells me we have to wait to retire. Boo!

Kit said...

What cute ideas!

moderndaywife said...

LOVE those DIY projects esp. the ring holder so cute! Love that you guys went on a picnic the beach is beautiful this time of year :-)

Stacey said...

Your ring holder turned out amazing! I think I'll add that to my own list of projects. And I absolutely love your ruler from New Zealand. :)

Carlie said...

Those are really good crafts! Love the ring holder!

Jamie Leigh said...

I am so glad you found my blog!! I am now following you back! You have a great blog, I am looking forward to following! :) Happy Friday!